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Excerpt From Libby Shores By Jason Walker

Here's a wonderful treat from not just a fabulous author but from his great new book: Libby Shores by Jason Walker

Between the locals confined for the winter and the summer visitors on the prowl, the women of Libby Shores find it a hotbed of sex the year round. In particular five women who meet every month to share their amorous adventures. Elaine thought she had all the young men who lived or visited the town under control, till she found herself under the control of an older man and discovered she loved the special kind of treatment he gave her. Patricia was the personal assistant to a wealthy and powerful Socialite, no one ever noticed her, till she met Troy, who saw something in her that others ignored and was quick to show her just how special she really was. that she was the special one and deserved so much better. Plus three more stories of the very sexy women of Libby Shores.


“You know that door is open and it is warmer inside. Want to get out of this rain?”

Elaine did not speak as she slid open the door and stepped inside the dark space. Of course she knew the lay out well, it was her house, but she still acted as if she were peeking around the corners and exploring the space. Elaine made her way to the spare bedroom and motioned for Scott to follow. The light shone through the large windows and Elaine cleared boxes off the top of the bed and sat on the edge. Scott walked into the room, looked around and tossed his damp trunks on a nearby chair.

“Well it doesn’t look like they are ever in here; maybe it is time we put this space to good use?”

“What did you have in mind?”

“Play some cards, or just take a nap?”

“I bet we can find something more fun than Gin Rummy.”

“I don’t know about this.”


“You are a complete stranger and you might not like the same things I do.”

There was a slightly more serious tone to Scott’s voice.

“What are the things you like to do?”

“Oh the same things everybody else does, I just usually go about it differently.”

Elaine considered what he could mean but came up empty.


“My last girlfriend said I was too rough for her. You see I like to take what I want and do things my way. Being that we just met you might not be prepared for that.”

Elaine was prepared for anything. She was well inebriated and extremely turned on. Scott slowly paced around the edge of the room. Elaine watched him as with each step and word his cock would flex and bounce and the muscles of his behind grew taut and relaxed. Elaine’s confidence was high as she stood from the bedside.

“Young man, I can’t imagine that there is anything you might like to do that I haven’t done. I am ready for anything but if you are too scared to do what you want I understand. We can go back outside, get dressed and go our separate ways if you prefer.”

It was the challenge that Scott had apparently been waiting for. Elaine had given him the approval he was wanting.

“Lady I am not scared of anything, especially a hot pussy like yours!”

Scott stepped quickly up to Elaine. He grabbed the sides of her face and held her head tightly. She saw him look to make sure the bed was clear before picking her up slightly by his grip of her head and tossing her onto the bed with real force. It startled Elaine and she grunted loudly as she hit the mattress. Elaine bounced up to the head board before she stopped moving. Scott moved to the side of the bed and grabbed her by the ankles. He jerked her to the edge of the bed and pulled her hips up as he pushed her over onto her stomach.

“Most women usually learn not to challenge me.”

Elaine grunted her response.

“I’m not most women!”

Scott slapped her upright ass hard and Elaine yelped. Scott pulled her closer and with a free hand jammed his diamond hard cock into her. With one forceful shove his hips slammed against her behind and his cock hit bottom. Elaine exhaled hard but before being able to grab a new breath Scott grabbed her hips and began fucking her hard and fast. It was an incredible feeling for Elaine. Scott pounded her pussy with all the force he could muster. It was rough and violent and exquisite. Elaine grabbed handfuls of the covers to try and hold on but it was useless. Scott’s treatment caused her to flail about. She flopped and twisted like a rag doll under his pounding cock. He held her hips and picked her up off the bed with each thrust.

“Oh God . . . FUCK ME . . . !”

Scott continued the violently rapid pace for several minutes before abruptly throwing Elaine off of his cock. She flopped onto the bed panting and gasping for air. Rolling onto her back she could see him fumbling with his trunks. Elaine wiped her eyes and tried to catch her breath. Scott stepped back up to the bed side and Elaine could see that he had put on a condom. Before she could speak a word Scott grabbed her again. He tugged her across the bed by the left leg as he climbed onto the end of the bed on his knees. Once in position Scott lifted Elaine’s left leg upwards and straddled her right leg. Her everything was exposed to his assault. Scott pressed her leg against his chest as he leaned forward and over her.

“I’m gonna fuck that old ass!”

Before Elaine could protest or resist Scott guided his sheathed cock into her anus. Elaine screamed as the head popped inside her ass. Scott paused only a moment to make sure she was ready and as Elaine looked at him she smiled slightly. Scott pulled his knees up a little and with one rough and hard forward motion shoved the entire length of his cock into her ass. Elaine felt the pain and surprise of his violation but also reeled at the filling and the pleasure. Scott grabbed her left thigh to steady himself and began fucking her ass harder and faster than he had fucked her before. The grunts, whimpers and pleas mixed with the sloppy sounds of slapping skin. Scott grabbed at her breasts and pulled hard on her nipples. Elaine grabbed at his skin but could not reach him. As her hand extended towards him Scott grabbed her by the wrist and pushed her hand to her pussy. Scott held her wrist against her pubic bone.

“Finger yourself while I fuck you!”

His deep voiced command wasn’t to be ignored and Elaine began matching his motions with her fingers. Elaine fell into a state of euphoria. She couldn’t focus on anything. She could barely see through the tears both of pain and ecstasy. Scott’s assault was relentless and seemingly unending. Elaine had no concept of time. She was being rattled by this man’s ruthless cock. Suddenly Scott pulled his member free of her and shoved her leg aside. Elaine continued to plunge her fingers into herself while he repositioned. Her eyes were squeezed shut in yet another orgasm when Scott grabbed her by the hair. He roughly and somewhat painfully pulled her around to the left by her hair. Elaine opened her eyes in time to see his cock inches from her face. She opened her mouth to speak but was cut off when Scott pushed his member into her throat. Elaine gagged and sputtered. She gasped for air as he withdrew the hard thing a moment before shoving it forward once again. Elaine placed a flat palm on the front of his hip but also curled her other free hand between his legs and under his behind to pull him closer. Elaine had abandoned any pretense of resistance as without care or concern Scott unceremoniously fucked her mouth.


Scott pulled his cock free of Elaine’s throat as he started to explode. Elaine wrapped her hand around his as he pumped his member. Scott bucked as hard as she had earlier as the first shot of his seed exploded across her lips. Scott rose slightly and aimed his cock downward at Elaine on the bed below him and squirted forth shot after shot onto her face and hair. Elaine could only close her eyes and take what he was giving. She felt his hot come splash onto her forehead, cheeks, chin and tongue. Elaine lapped at the air as he squeezed the last drops from his cock and they fell onto her face. Elaine couldn’t open her eyes without getting the stinging come in them. She felt him move. Scott pressed his member against Elaine’s face and used it to rub his spent seed across her face.

“You like that don’t you? You like feeling my cock. You like it when I smear my come all over your face with it, don’t you?”

Scott used his still firm member to slap Elaine’s face several times. She loved it. Elaine was out of breath and panting but managed to mouth the word yes and nod slightly. Scott took a corner of the sheet and rubbed his seed from her eyes and Elaine opened them tentatively.

“That was amazing.”

“Was? Who said we were done?”

Elaine looked at Scott as he still stood over her. He smiled and pushed his semi-hard cock against her lips.

“Scott we can’t stay here. What if the owners come home?”

Elaine didn’t want to give the impression that this could go on forever.

“If they do we will hear them come in upstairs and we’ll make a run for it. Until then, we aren’t done.”

Scott pressed his cock hard against Elaine closed lips and she relented. She stared up at him as he fed his turgid cock into her mouth again. It was slightly easier to take the length as his member wasn’t rock hard at the moment. Elaine felt his balls come to rest on her chin and she extended her tongue along the underside as he made short plunging motions into the back of her throat. Her face was sticky with his come as he rose from her mouth. Scott moved over and sat on the bed. Elaine took the opportunity to wipe her face on the sheet as she rolled out of his way. Once on his behind, Scott moved up to the headboard and spread his legs wide. He grabbed Elaine by the hair and pulled her between them. Scott pushed her head towards his rising cock and held it as he pushed her face over it. Elaine opened her mouth and took it inside once again. Scott held her head tightly as he began rhythmically pushing his cock upward into her mouth. He used her head as a toy while he twisted and pushed his member into her mouth and throat. Elaine gagged and coughed. Her saliva ran down his member and balls and between his thighs uncontrollably. Scott lifted her mouth off his cock and Elaine gasped for air as he pushed her back slightly and down. Elaine rested on her chest as he pulled her closer.

“Lick my balls.”

Elaine did as she was told. Scott ran his fingers into her hair to hold her head and took his member in his fee hand. Elaine looked up and watched him stroke his cock while she licked the clean shaven skin. Scott made a motion without words. Elaine felt him pushing her head downward. She continued to lick his skin. She kissed and sucked at the skin below his balls and Scott groaned loudly. Elaine knew what he wanted and she had no hesitation. Elaine pulled one arm up and she began lifting and toying with his scrotum as she licked and played. Scott’s breath was deep and husky as she extended her tongue and barely touched his asshole. Elaine ran her tongue from the edge of his puckered brown hole up to the base of his cock and looked at him. Scott smiled broadly.

“Good girl, you know what to do.”

Elaine’s eyes rolled back in her head as she lowered her face anew. She licked and stabbed at his asshole with her tongue for several minutes. Scott’s pace stroking his cock was steady and firm. He moaned and groaned as Elaine rimmed his ass. She felt his balls tighten and knew his release was near. Taking that sign, Elaine picked up the pace with her tongue. There was no teasing, she ravenously licked his ass. Scott grunted that he was coming and Elaine shoved her middle finger into his well lubricated ass. She plunged it in to the last knuckle as the first shot flew from Scott’s engorged member. Elaine rose enough to see that Scott’s head was thrown back and he was bucking with each eruption and shove of her finger.


Scott grunted loudly as he practically jerked his cock off his body as he stroked it hard and furiously. Elaine reached and grabbed his balls and squeezed and tugged at them as he erupted over and over. As the final spasms caused Scott to twitch Elaine pulled her finger from his anus. She watched as the last dribbles of his seed ran over his tightly clinched fist and down the shaft. Elaine nuzzled against his bare skin and rubbed his seed into her skin and all over his crotch. As Scott released his cock it fell and slapped against Elaine’s forehead. She rose and took it back in her mouth despite Scott’s protests that it was too sensitive. Elaine swallowed the length of the softening member and Scott jerked hard before roughly pushing her off and to the side.

They both lay motionless for a couple of minutes trying to catch their breath. Elaine grabbed a handful of sheet and wiped her face clean of his come and her sweat. Scott climbed from the bed and grabbed a towel to wipe his face. Elaine sat up on her elbows and watched him. Scott was extremely masculine and she enjoyed how his cock bobbed and his muscles flexed as he wiped his face and head.

“We had better get out of here.”

Elaine nodded and climbed from the bed. As she passed Scott grabbed her by the arm and pulled her hard against his chest. He kissed her. Scott shoved his tongue into her mouth and held her head still by the hair. Elaine could feel his member pressing against her tummy and noticed it flexing and filling with blood once again. She marveled at this young man’s resilience. He pulled her head away from his and smiled.

“We don’t have time for it but if we did I’d fuck you again.”

“I know we don’t have time for this but if we did I’d let you.”

“You don’t have to let me. If we had time, I’d fuck you whether you let me or not.”

“I know.”

Bettie Pages by Matthew R Humphreys

Bettie Pages by MatthewRHumphreys


Ashley Wood



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Ho Hum, Nothing To Do

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Did You Know?

Jan Saudek

Vehiclular Rape

Breast shot could pose problems for publisher

A photo of a topless Tomomi Kasai being fondled from behind by a young boy could prove to be costly for Kodansha
 Young Magazine pulls 'inappropriate' AKB48 hand-bra breast pic
The publisher embroiled in a scandal over an “inappropriate” photo of a member pop group AKB48 may face a host of problems, reports Yukan Fuji (Jan. 13).
Comic book weekly Shukan Young Magazine, which is published by Kodansha, announced on January 11 that the issue originally scheduled to hit newsstands the following day would be delayed. The problem was the suitability of including an image featuring a topless Tomomi Kasai being fondled from behind by a young boy.
The magazine offered readers an apology on its Web site. “The photo contains an inappropriate expression,” read a statement from the editorial staff.
The photo in question — which utilizes what is referred to as a te-bura (or hand bra) pose — comprises the cover shot for the 21-year-old’s debut photo collection called “Tomo no Koto, Suki?” (Do You Like Tomo?), which is scheduled to be released (also by Kodansha) on February 4. A promotion for the book was supposed to appear in Young Magazine.
As a result, one journalist expects Kodansha to suffer a substantial monetary loss. “With a circulation of 650,000 copies, losses in terms of printing, advertising, and subscription fees will be over 300 million yen,” says Masaaki Hiruma.
Publishing in recession-stricken times is already troublesome enough, continues Hiruma. “So manga comics like Young Magazine are cash cows for Kodansha,” the journalist says.
From a legal standpoint, child welfare laws may also pose problems for Kodansha.
Masaru Wakasa, a lawyer and former deputy director of special investigations at the Tokyo District Public Prosecutor’s Office, says that under such statutes Kodansha is prohibited from harmfully influencing the mind and body of a child less 18 years of age through obscene acts. “In this case, a juvenile is touching the chest of an adult woman,” says Wakasa. “Kodansha did not judge this to be in violation of the law.”
The article notes that guilty verdicts for violating child welfare laws for obscenities carry a maximum prison term of 10 years and a fine of three million yen.
As to a potential violation related to child pornography laws, Wakasa says that a sex act, or possibly even a suggestion thereof, would have to be depicted. “For example, the touching of genitals,” he says. “But in Tomomi’s case, the photo does not get that extreme.”
On December 17, Kasai announced at AKB48′s 2nd annual “Kohaku Takou Uta Gassen” event in Tokyo that she will “graduate” from the group to pursue a solo career. Her debut single, “Masaka,” was released nine days later.
According to a person affiliated with Kodansha, the photo project received the standard checks by staff members last year. Yukan Fuji says that the controversial image has also been pulled from inclusion in the book.
An entertainment journalist somewhat understands Kodansha’s intentions, saying that Kasai’s E-cup bust is worthy of emphasis. “It’s a shot that high-school students will find exciting,” says the writer. “However, to use the hands of a boy in order to emphasize her plumpness was a mistake.”
A spokesperson for Kodansha said that law enforcement did not apply any external pressure leading up to the postponement of publication of Young Magazine. Instead, it was simply a very costly decision that had to be made. (A.T.)
Source: “AKB Kasai Tomomi shasinshu hakushi no zen uchimaku Kodansha songai ’3oku en cho’ mo,” Yukan Fuji (Jan. 13, page 1)
Note: Brief extracts from Japanese vernacular media in the public domain that appear here were translated and summarized under the principle of “fair use.” Every effort has been made to ensure accuracy of the translations. However, we are not responsible for the veracity of their contents. The activities of individuals described herein should not be construed as “typical” behavior of Japanese people nor reflect the intention to portray the country in a negative manner. Our sole aim is to provide examples of various types of reading matter enjoyed by Japanese.

via Tokyo Reporter  Tokya Reporter

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Bruce Timm


“Are my labia normal?”

Rene Magritte

Mahir Ates

Seven Weeks Of M.Christian: Week 6 – What Is Success?

Continuing my seven (possibly terrifying) weeks of M.Christian, here's my newest installment... reasoning behind this is that I haven't really talked a lot about myself for a while so I thought it would be a fun little experiment to post - once a week, for seven weeks - a series of essays about little ol' me: where I came from, my professional journey, being an editor, being a publisher ... and even my hopes and dreams for the future.

Hope you like!

I was recently introduced as a successful writer: which immediately got me thinking – always a good thing. 

What is a successful writer?

We really should start by clearing the board a bit and admit that success is a pretty meaningless word.  I know a few writers who have only written three or four books but have made indecent amounts of money from them, I also know writers who have written dozens and dozens and dozens of books, and I even have a few writer friends who have won amazing awards – so which one is the most successful?  The reality is that for every literary success story there's usually a dark side: the author who makes a lot of money may very well be trapped by the genre that brought them that nice, juicy income – they simply can't afford to write anything else; the writer who has written dozens and dozens and dozens of books may be respected but has to live in their parents' basement; and the author with all those awards may be terrified by the thought of it's all downhill from here.

When I teach my (commercial begins – Sex Sells: How To Write And Sell Erotica class – commercial ends) I always take a few minutes to remind my students that writers are professional liars: it is, after all, our job to convince people that we are everything from aliens from the dark nebula, a serial killer, a turn-of-the-century grand dame, or whatever/whoever else – meaning that when I writer opens their mouth about anything you should always take what comes out with more than a grain of salt.

Writing, without a doubt, can be a very tough life.  Sure, as I mentioned, what we do is special, brave and even magical, but it can also regularly, methodically kick you in the gut: bad reviews, poor sales, rejection, rejection, rejection ... it is not for the weak.  It's not a surprise – though it is a bit shameful – that some writers deal with the harsh reality of being a writer by wearing an armored suit of arrogance.  They are the ones who love to tell you about their great new sale (though it took them a decade to do it), their amazing award (though no one really respects the quality of their work), the thousands of words they just wrote (that is nothing more than gibberish), or the huge royalty check they got (but will never see again). 

I have a rule: if I happen to have a fellow writer in my life who doesn't make me feel good about me or my work then that person can no longer be in my life.  Yeah, that might be a bit harsh, but anything or anyone that keeps me from working at what is already a damned hard thing to do is someone not worth having around.  The same holds true for blogs, twitter-twits, Facebook 'friends' – if you are not a positive thing in my life then you are simply not going to be in my life.  Writing can be tough, as said, so there's no reason to keep people around who make it any tougher.

So what is success – especially for a writer?  If you've been kind enough to read these little pieces you probably know where this is going ... but bear with me.  I really don't think success has anything to do with awards (I love this quote: "Awards are like hemorrhoids: eventually every asshole gets one"), money (which is extremely slippery for anyone doing anything creative), books or stories written, fame (just watch All About Eve), or anything similar.

For me, success is ... have you ever seen The Paper Chase?  For those that haven't, it's about a student (Timothy Bottoms) facing a very difficult time (to put it mildly) in law school.  It’s a great film (hey, it's got John Houseman so it has to be) but the ending has always resounded with me: after spending hour after hour, day after day, night after night, our student works and studies and studies and works – and, at the end, his girlfriend hands him an envelope with his final grade in it.  But rather than open it he simply tears it up, scattering it to the wind: he doesn't need to know what it says because he knows, without a doubt, that he has not just passed but understands the law.

Now I'm not a lawyer (thank god) but that scene, for me, is my personal definition of success.  Sure, money would be nice; an award would be flattering; having a nice, fat Wikipedia entry would be sweet; but what I really want is for one day to write a book that I finish with that same glorious moment of artistic satisfaction: the unshakable knowledge that what I have done is truly, inarguably wonderful.

It's subjective, of course: your version of success if not mine – but I hope this had made you think a bit about what you want your own, personal, artistic journey to be. 

But before I close I have one final piece of advice – one that I tell as many writers as I can, as well as hold very close to my heart: we all might have different ideas of what success is, but the only time a writer truly fails is ... when they stop writing.


The Tango -- alluring, sexy, provocative. A dance of exotic erotica.  It’s a piece of performance art telling an ancient tale. A tale that began with Lilith, Adam’s first wife and her refusal to accept Adam’s dominance over her. Lilith just would not tolerate Adam laying on top of her when they had sex. It is a narrative that has been re -told, re-invented hundreds of times over the millennia. Through the medium of dance and spectacle the Tango tells the enduring tale of the dominant persistence of the male, and the equally powerful resistance of the female.

The Tango is a sensual dance which involves a negotiation of power. The male controls the female; she responds to his demand. Sometimes she responds with resistance and rebellion; she seizes the power for herself for a few brief seconds. It is a slow seduction. He caresses her gently, seductively; sometimes not so gently. His caresses can border on erotic violence.

It is not like the waltz, where the male gently manipulates his partner, telling her with his body where he wants her to go. The female in the Tango has a mind of her own. If he lowers his guard for a second she will devour him, annihilate  him with her energy. The observer becomes aware of an energetic field created by the dancers’ inner selves and emotional expression.

In the tango there are smooth horizontal movements that are strong and determined. It is danced in close full, upper body contact. The dancers are very low with long steps and no up and down movements. Forward steps land on the heel; in backward steps the dancer pushes forward from the heel.

There is room for improvisation; sometimes he may accentuate the long line of her body with a caress of his hand. Her fingers may glide over the breadth of his shoulder; they are intensely erotic moments. Their audience draw a hiss of a breath. How do they dare behave so flagrantly with the party looking on? And the Tango, of course can be danced, for brief moments alone; the two dancing for their own seductive pleasure. The dancers respond to Terpsichore the Muse of Dance and Music. Their response is physical, emotional and intellectual.

Tango is a fluid dialogue where the bodies talk and surprise each other step after step. He bends her body into impossible positions, shaping her, forming her, teaching her. She retaliates and swirls furiously away from him.

“Historically, the Tango is a dance that has influences from European and African culture. Dances from the candombe ceremonies of former slave peoples helped shape the modern day Tango. The dance originated in lower-class districts of Buenos Aires and Montevideo. The music derived from the fusion of various forms of music from Europe. The word "tango" seems to have first been used in connection with the dance in the 1890s. Initially it was just one of the many dances, but it soon became popular throughout society, as theatres and street barrel organs spread it from the suburbs to the working-class slums, which were packed with hundreds of thousands of European immigrants, primarily Italians, Spanish and French.

“In the early years of the 20th century, dancers and orchestras from Buenos Aires travelled to Europe, and the first European tango craze took place in Paris, soon followed by London, Berlin, and other capitals. Towards the end of 1913 it hit New York in the USA, and Finland. In the USA around 1911 the word "tango" was often applied to dances in a 2/4 or 4/4 rhythm such as the one-step. The term was fashionable and did not indicate that tango steps would be used in the dance, although they might be. Tango music was sometimes played, but at a rather fast tempo. Instructors of the period would sometimes refer to this as a "North American tango", versus the so-called "Argentine Tango". By 1914 more authentic tango stylings were soon developed, along with some variations like Albert Newman's "Minuet" tango.

“The Tango consists of a variety of styles that developed in different regions and areas of Argentina as well as in other locations around the world. The dance developed in response to many cultural elements, such as the crowding of the venue and even the fashions in clothing. The styles are mostly danced in either open embrace, where lead and follow have space between their bodies, or close embrace, where the lead and follow connect either chest-to-chest (Argentine tango) or in the upper thigh, hip area (American and International tango.)
Paragraphs in quotes from WIKI.

For more on “The Embrace in Tango” click here

“Bora Toska, a Tango dancer, interviewed Javier Rodriguez Javier Rodriguez an important figure in today’s tango world. Ever since his glorious partnership with Geraldine, he’s captured the minds and hearts of tango aficionados around the world, even achieving cult-like status in some places.”

“Above all,’ he said ‘ you have to have the embrace. And the embrace is one only. It can be more open or more closed, very tight or at one meter distance and you can still be embracing another person in the perfect connection. If you know how to embrace and take into you another person’s body, everything else can be fixed.”

Here are Patricio Toucuda and Carla Chimento dancing their version of the Argentine Tango.

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Excerpt From The Alphabet Spankings By Sensei

Here's a very special treat: an excerpt from the very excellent book, The Alphabet Spankings, by Sensei.

It's available on amazon here.

The Alphabet Spankings is an anthology of 26 spanking stories... one for each letter of the alphabet. Each alphabet letter starts the name of the woman (or in some cases, women) being spanked. Each story is unique and different from all of the others.


You’re Fired! 


Olivia shouted her secretary’s name from the corner of her office. Her head was buried in a file cabinet. Olivia was in her forties and was a senior account manager at Wilson and Oldsten, the most prestigious advertising agency in the state. She was tall and blonde, with striking Nordic features. She had a hard-driving personality that, combined with her good looks, had fueled her meteoric rise through the company.

Mark walked into the room. He had been Olivia’s secretary for only two months. He had replaced her previous secretary, who had abruptly quit, leaving in tears because of Olivia’s brusque, demanding personality. He was in his thirties, and had been hired specifically because of a glowing recommendation from his previous boss, who was also a type “A” female executive. Mark was one of only a few men in the office taller than Olivia. He worked out religiously, and was proud of his chiseled physique. He walked over to the file cabinet where Olivia was standing and said, “Yes?”

“Where’s the Robinson file?”

Mark patiently began to explain, “It’s down in the copying lab. You asked me yesterday to have them make copies of the folio for the presentation.”

Olivia’s eyes flared. “Well, damnit, what’s taking them so long? How long does it take for them to make thirty copies of five pages?!”

Mark closed his eyes and took a breath. Olivia always got frazzled and bitchy when preparing for important presentations. He knew that all he had to do was shepherd her through the preparations, using his meticulous knack for execution to compliment her meticulous planning, and together they’d achieve another triumph.

Just then, almost as if on cue, the phone rang in the outer office. Mark went back to his desk to answer it.

Olivia slammed the file cabinet shut and turned around and looked out the window. The meeting with the Robinson team was Monday morning at ten. It was four thirty Friday afternoon now. She wanted everything to be set up before everyone scattered to the four winds.

Just then Mark came back in. “That was the copy lab. The copier ate the originals—“

Olivia spun around and screamed, “WHAT?! What the hell are we going to show the Robinson team? Every one of those incompetent bozos—“

She was interrupted by the sound of Mark slamming her office door.

“Damnit, Olivia, that’s enough!”

Olivia froze. A secretary had never talked her to this way in her entire career. Mark continued.

“If you had let me continue, I would have explained that I had already made a deal with the guys in the copy lab. I was going to stay a little late this evening and print a set of new originals, and they were going to stay late and copy them. And all of this was going to be taken care of. And that there was no reason for you to throw a goddamn tantrum!”

Olivia blanched and started to say, “How dare you—?”

“How dare I? I’ll tell you, Olivia! This is not my first rodeo, missy! I am used to women like you. Women who are very good at what they do, but who make everybody else’s life miserable! You’re just like my old boss, and the one before her!” As he said this, he crossed the floor until he was standing only inches away from Olivia. Her face stayed stern, but part of her mind started to feel nervous.

“I could just quit right now. I could walk out of here and leave you to straighten up this whole mess. You’d have to go grab someone from IT, have them help you find and print out the Robinson file originals. By the time you did, the copy center folks would have given up and gone home. And the whole Robinson deal would go right into the toilet. I’d have a new job probably in a week or two. Now, you tell me—would that be ok with you?”

He let the question hang in the air. Olivia tried to keep a poker face, but as he described the consequences, she could see a metaphorical crack opening under her feet, threatening to end the career she had built for herself. Finally, she spoke up, her voice much quieter. “No. Don’t do that.”

“I don’t have to, Olivia. But you’re going to have to learn to behave yourself. And I know just how to teach you that lesson. Wait here.”

He walked back to the door, opened it and fetched something from the bottom drawer of his desk, then returned, closing the door behind him. As he got closer, she could see that he had what looked to her like a wooden hairbrush, but she was confused—this brush appeared to have no bristles on it.

“Olivia, I am going to teach you a lesson in humility by taking this paddle and blistering your bottom.”

Olivia’s eyes got wide as saucers. “What? You can’t do that!”

“Oh no? Shall I pack up my desk, then?”

Again, the question hung in the air. Her mind could hardly process the situation. She knew she was wrong to be so bitchy. Part of her knew she deserved to be spanked. But her pride told her she was the most successful account manager at the company and in no way deserved to be paddled like a schoolgirl. But finally, the rational part of her mind said that if she didn’t go along with this, she wasn’t going to be an account manager come Monday morning.

Finally, her eyes shifted. She said, “Fine. You’ve got me, I suppose.”

Mark said, “I want you to turn around and bend over and put your elbows on the desk.”

She started to get nervous as she followed the commands of her young secretary. After she was in place, he reached down and pulled her skirt up over her back. She could feel him tap the paddle against her panty-clad ass cheeks. Then, without warning, the paddle exploded onto her left ass cheek with a meaty splatting sound. The surprise of the impact was followed by a searing heat and she cried out, “Aaaaah!” Mark brought the paddle down quickly on the opposite cheek less than a second later, bringing another loud reaction from Olivia. He kept up a fast rhythm, alternating cheeks. After a few seconds, Olivia was sobbing. He stopped. Before Olivia could straighten up, Mark spoke, “Oh, no, we’re not done. That was just a warm-up!” He hooked his fingers in the waistband of her panties and lowered them down to below her ass cheeks, Olivia sobbed out, “Oh no! Please!”

Mark stopped. “No? If I stop now, then I walk. You need to learn your lesson, Olivia! Now, are you going to take the rest of your spanking?”

Olivia started to sob again and said, “Yes.”

Mark placed his left hand on the small of her back and started spanking her again. Her sobbing quickly became continuous. As her spanking progressed, Olivia started to react to each spank less and her crying changed somewhat. Mark gave her ass a couple more spanks and then he stopped. He allowed Olivia to cry for a minute before he handed her a tissue to blow her nose. Then he spoke. “I am going to go back to my desk and print out the Robinson presentation and take it down to the copying lab. The presentation package will be on your desk when you get in on Monday morning.” He turned and left the room, shutting the door behind him.

Olivia calmed down and then stood up. Her ass felt like it had a thousand sunburns. She reached down and carefully pulled her panties back up and smoothed her dress. She gingerly sat down at her desk. She no longer felt panicked about the presentation, and that was only partly due to the deft handling of the crisis by Mark. The spanking, she realized, had somehow calmed and centered her, even if it had left her with a terribly sore bottom. She reached into her purse and pulled out a compact and fixed her makeup as best she could. She blew her nose one more time and cleared her throat. She stood up and put her best executive face back on and strode with a more measured step than she was used to towards the door. She opened it to see Mark was handing a pile of paper to a tech from the copying lab. She smiled at them both and spoke.

“Thank you both for taking care of this. I know it’s late on Friday.”

The copy tech replied, “No problem. We’re sorry the machine ate the other originals.”

Olivia looked back at Mark and said, “Thank you, Mark. I’ll see you Monday morning.”

Mark said, “Have a good weekend, ma’am.”



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