Friday, February 8, 2013

"Lawman" given voice!

I am phenomenally pleased to have my sci-fi erotic short story “Lawman” recorded by the fantastic Rose Caraway at The Kiss Me Quick’s Erotica podcast, and adding to my excitement, the amazing Lucy Malone gives the story life!

I am proud that “Lawman” has been such a grand success.  It was first published in Circlet Press’s Like a Mask Removed, then later in Circlet Press’s Best Fantastic Erotica, and also is the lead story in my short story collection published by Renaissance eBooks, Darkness and Delight.

I hope you enjoy listening to "Lawman." When you’re done listening to my story, take the time to enjoy all of Rose Caraway’s wonderful audio selections at The Kiss Me Quick’s, and remember, Darkness and Delight  has more of my erotica and suspense/horror stories between the electronic covers!

Stay sexy!

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