Thursday, January 10, 2013

Show Off! At Least She Has Something To Show!

2013 January 03. Felicity Jones, who was arrested on August 1, 2011 for being topfree in New York City, received a payment from the city after she launched a lawsuit against it. Bravo, Felicity!

In her words:
I filed a lawsuit against the city after being falsely arrested in an art performance on Wall Street called "Ocularpation" in August 2011. I had been charged with "disorderly conduct," but it was very clear the officer involved simply had a problem with my being topfree.
In August 2012 I met with New York City officials for mediation. The officer's lawyer / city representative tried to defend the NYPD's actions by reasserting that I had been "blocking traffic" (there are photos to prove I wasn't) and that the arresting officer was not informed of what was going on. He also stated that the officer was concerned about my state of dress because there was a school nearby.
The city came to a settlement agreement of $9,000 on August 28. I was a little surprised that they actually tried to defend the officer's actions when he very clearly had no legitimate reason for arresting me. And the talk about the school nearby: I could only think, "Are you serious?!"

To which we can only add, "Ignorance of the law is no excuse." For a police officer who mistreated Felicity and refused to find out what the law is, it should be reason to question his fitness for his profession.

Frequently Felt adds, "Bravo!"

via Topfree Equal Rights Association

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