Tuesday, January 8, 2013

Minnesota Strip: A Tale of Times Square Queers excerpt by Mykola Dementiuk

This entire week an excerpt from my novel Minnesota Strip will be running in Gay/Lesbian Fiction Excerpts. I want to thank Eric Spector for that, he practically runs the show there, he's simply amazing!

Minnesota Strip: A Tale of Times Square Queers is another scorching story of gender-bending, sex, and the quest for freedom from the Lambda Award winning MYKOLA DEMENTIUK at his best. Turning tricks can be a very dangerous profession especially when you're a male crossdresser trying to come on to guys as a hooking female. Your outward appearance may be sweet and feminine but the masculine reality can get your face bashed in, if not something a lot worse. And passing as a female, well, very hard to do yet Connie was made for just that. Being a small framed boy at the age of nineteen and getting all dressed up she could easily pass as a hard-on inducer on the Chicago streets, the men going after her as much as she led them on. Her pretence at being naive and innocent, almost under age and pleading, "But sir, I have never sucked one before, I might do it wrong," only led her to be prodded to her knees and give them a blow-job, pretending to be tricked into doing just that for a few dollars but which was her original intent anyway, the men satisfied as they'd zipper up and scurry off while Connie would just get up and go on to the next unsuspecting customer...

Minnesota Strip: A Tale of Times Square Queers
Sizzler Editions


Connie felt very unsure about her cock and balls bulging at the left of her crotch, it was as if something had appeared which had never been there before. It was always so natural to be tucking and holding it in that she even grew to walk slightly funny, actually prancing about with her thighs close together that she stepped almost virginal like, still untouched and un-smeared, exactly like a pure virgin girl would be doing, which was her point anyway, to be pure and innocent. But this evening Connie had let go of her pretenses and fakery, no longer was she a fraud or a sham, pretending to be something else. No sir, what you see is what you get, and that includes a big cock as well!

And as she walked with Toni she knew that her cock and balls weren’t just puffing out but now stood erectly in her pants bulging before her; it was evident what she had there, a nice thick hard-on. Faces grinned and leered, some embittered and disgusted, others just gaping open mouthed and drooling. Toni walked beside Connie, her own penile bulge not as big or evident but both looking so very eager and hungry, as if impatient to get to their destination, Eight Avenue, or as common usage would have it at the time, the Minnesota Strip.

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