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He was the first great film idol, the first great on-screen lover, the first great icon of movie sexuality. To women and men, he oozed a lithe, intense, smouldering eroticism.

The image of Rudolph Valentino on the Silver Screen, is powerful, compelling. He is the Romantic hero drawn from literature, by Emily and Charlotte Brontë and Jane Austen ; his image resonates with Heathcliff’s ruthless raw passion, Darcy’s refined elegance and Rochester’s dark determination to have his way -- their image draws us with their direct, uncompromising gaze. So does Rudolph Valentino. Valentino looks at the viewer from the screen; he demands that we look at him -- and we do!

He is triumphantly seductive; exotic, erotic. He changed, for ever the idea of America’s idea of the leading man; whether he is a Sheik, a pirate, a libertine, or a gigolo -- he is the dark figure of our erotic dreams. His Silver Screen image, evokes a magic, lacking in today’s stars of the screen.

Valentino gives mixed messages about women and sexuality. In the fantasy of the Silver Screen, “no” can, and does mean “yes”. He rapes by seduction, the woman is helpless in his arms; she cannot resist, him; his charisma, his allure.

And yet the image of Valentino on the screen, is slightly effeminate, a little bit camp; indeed much was said at the time, and still now, of his sexuality. But I think that the fact that he was attractive to women, says a lot about female desire; whether Valentino was gay or not, is not the issue here.

Perhaps his sex appeal, his allure, is in the way he makes love -- the romance and seduction, and ever so slightly brutal. He is in control of his woman, he knows which buttons to press. He is decisive, and takes what he wants; his lover trembles in his arms.

One reviewer remarked; “Ok, no one smokes a cigarette like Rudy, or smells a handkerchief like Rudy, or stares a sexy glare like Rudy!”

Valentino’s image is enduring, it lingers, long after the film is over.

In "The Sheik,” Lady Diana Mayo (Agnes Ayres) is admired for her independence, high spirit and modern ideas, but when she is kidnapped by an Arab sheik, Ahmed Ben Hassan (Rudolph Valentino), she finds herself falling under the spell of his exotic masculinity.

"The Sheik," was crucial to Valentino's career as the greatest male sex symbol of the time--but the film created a huge backlash among American men, who boycotted it and railed against the "effeminacy" of his screen image.


But his popularity, promoted by skilful press agents, soared among women, as he played the handsome, mysterious lover in romantic dramas such as The Four Horsemen of the Apocalypse. (1921), The Sheik (1921), Blood and Sand (1922), The Eagle (1925), and The Son of the Sheik (1926).

Valentino’s sudden death at age 31, from a ruptured ulcer, caused world wide hysteria among his female fans; there were suicides and riots, propelling him into icon status. Though his films are not so well known today, his name is still widely known.

Over the years, a "woman in black" carrying a red rose has come to mourn at Valentino's grave, usually on the anniversary of his death.

Here is Rudolph Valentino, in “The Four Horsemen of the Apocalypse.” 1921

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Wow - and I mean wow - this is very, very cool: the great Sasha Mitchell over at R.U. Sirius's site just posted this very cool review of my dark gay thriller Finger's Breadth. Here's a tease:

Did Oscar Wilde ever mention a baby-shit sofa, as fetishized by Tom of Finland, and crusted with salty, sweet sticky?  Cliche to throw out Wilde when reviewing a piece of m4m fic?  About as cliche as including a reference to Sex in the City in said fic. 
Really, I josh.  Because apart from a (for me) slightly delayed pick-up—and the more obvious fact that yours truly is of the vaginal realm—I had fun with, and eventually became engrossed by, M. Christian’s Finger’s Breadth
Boilermakers, mambo-fuck you gay bars, scenarios seemingly inspired by a homoerotic Misery, and of course the ever prevalent ”asses flexing into handful-sized tightened cheeks” (is that your technology chirping, or is throbbing a better adjective?), Christian flaunts a downright capacity for electric lyric as well as (sorry mum, must include this in such a review) all the “hard cocks, strong cocks, long cocks, thick cocks – bobbing up and down, swinging right and left, even swirling in a sweaty circle,” that you could empty. 
Not to mention a devilishly intricate plotline, which goes as follows: Fanning is a freelance cop on a most perplexing case.  He kicks himself for not having caught whoever is terrorizing the tequila sunrises of Boyz Bay (did I just coin that?) by luring men for nonconsensual finger lobotomies. 

Call for Submissions: The Honey Trap: Sexy, Seductive Spies

Call for Submissions 
The Honey Trap: Sexy, Seductive Spies

Editors: Essemoh Teepee & Genevieve Ash

Publisher: Renaissance E-Books: Sizzler editions

Audio Publisher: Alternatepress Limited: eSensual Books /

Deadline: June 14th, 2012 (earlier submissions encouraged and preferred)

Release: August 2012
Payment: $25.00 on publication

They say that espionage is the world’s second oldest profession. Seduction has always played an important part in what spies do. How do you ‘turn’ someone, get them to work for you against their country, employer or friends? There can be many motives for becoming a spy, a double agent, or sharing commercial confidences. Fear or the desire for money, revenge and of course hard, sweaty, multi-orgasmic sex, are all powerful incentives for betrayal.

The "honeytrap" is probably the oldest trick in that murky, clandestine world. The sexual seduction of a target; discovering their dirty little fantasy and giving it to them, then springing the trap shut; making them your unwilling, or perhaps willing slave!

Who is the spy? What are they looking for in a recruit and why? Who is seducing whom? Let your imagination run wild and give us exotic locations, fascinating characters, a mix of genders and sexuality as well as intense sex. This is a perfect opportunity for glamorous people, surprise twists and all of the trappings of the world of the Spook. Or surprise us with something off the wall!

All sub-genres welcome, we are looking for a balanced mix. We expect imaginative locations and set ups as well as strong character development. All heat levels welcome but we like it hot!
  • All characters must be over 18; no incest or pseudo incest, scat or bestiality.
  • Stories should be between 2,000 and 3,500 words in length, double spaced Times or Times New Roman, 12 point, black font Word document with pages numbered. As these stories will be recorded for an audio anthology, nothing over 3,500 words will be accepted.
  • Both previously published and original works will be considered.
Deadline for Submissions: June 14th 2012.

Rights: First world-wide exclusive e-Book Anthology to Renaissance e-books and exclusive world-wide Audio rights to Alternatepress Limited (eSensual Books)

Payment: $25, paid on publication:
  • For e-book editions sold via other Internet retail outlets, the royalty is twenty-seven percent (27%) of the retail price. 
  • For paperback editions sold via Internet retail outlets, the royalty is ten percent (10%) of the retail price. 
  • For Audio books editions sold via Internet retail outlets, the royalty is 50% of the net retail sales income 
  • Said royalties shall be paid fifty percent (50%) to the editor and fifty percent (50%) to the writers to be distributed on a prorated basis. 
  • All monies paid to authors on publication shall the accounted as an advance. Once the advance is earned out, royalties shall be paid to editor who will disburse them to authors. 
  • Email submissions should be sent to: with Submission: Story Title in the subject line. Please send ONLY MS Word.doc files, or .rtf files; NOT .docx or other formats. 
You will receive a confirmation of receipt within 3 days and notification of acceptance/rejection by July 14th

Nipples at the Met

Nipples at the Met presents “all the nipples on view in the permanent collection at the Metropolitan Museum of Art”.

Yummy, Yummy

A cupcake delicacy 

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when he died, she had a sculpture of her body laid on his casket. never gets old-stunning!

Penis Fountain

Image of Penis Fountain located in Amsterdam, NetherlandsPenis Fountain
Amsterdam's Red Light District leaves little to the imagination
Amsterdam is a city of permissions and tolerance, and home of one of the most famous red light districts in the world. Tourists flock from all around to indulge in, or at least gawk at the ladies of all nationalities flaunting their wares in showcase windows up and down the street.

Besides the oldest profession, all kinds of pleasures are offered, dealers of mind-altering substances name their price, and if you don't watch your wallet closely, you're likely to lose it. Still, it is a popular stop on the Amsterdam itinerary.

Despite being a delightful den of debauchery after the sun goes down, one can't help but be drawn to the area during the daytime as well, to stroll its lovely canals, enjoy the oddly-angled architecture, and sample the eateries as live music fills the streets.

While the daylight tends to make window-shopping less appealing, there is a monument to the neighborhood's main offering that shouldn't be missed, and is best viewed in the light of day, as the water-powered spinning testicles are removed at night to avoid theft.

The penis fountain may seem smaller in photos than in person, but it's impressive nonetheless. While there are many things in the red light district you aren't allowed to photograph, the fountain presents a one-of-a-kind opportunity for some fun photos just to show where you've been.

Break Time

Having a cooling break in the park, little doggie going, "Woof woof!"

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Yum Yum!

Good as pie

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There is plenty I could say about this -- I have a lot of ideas. But I'll leave it open to you guys... "I am so young. I feel terrible sometimes for enjoying the kind of stuff that I do. I have never had sex. But when I jack off I experiment with things that hurt me. I cut myself. I punch myself in the face. I was so excited when I raised a bruise for the first time. Blood makes my breath go shallow. I’m not even of legal age to have sex yet. It’s confusing me how much I want “adult” stuff that is ostensibly considered even more “adult” to the point that sure, teens can have sex! Just no kink because that’s what perverted people do. According to the people in my life. And now I feel like I’m a bit of a top as well, and the sadistic impulses I’m getting are driving me slightly nuts. I wish there was more support for kinky teenagers." From: Secrets. Male Submission Art.

A Work of Art

Like the boots and nylons, too.

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