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Stretch those tired, soft boobies

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Making Bread

Tasty indeed...

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Who Wears Short Shorts?

They do and there they go...

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Got a very nice review on my Kisser, A Masculine Femininity from Amos Lassen

Dementiuk, Mykola. “Kisser”, JMS Books, 2012.

An Erotic Romance

Amos Lassen

If you follow my reviews, you know that I am a huge fan of Mykola Dementiuk. He writes as it is and shares he grittiness of life that many writers are afraid to touch. While his topics may be controversial, Dementiuk manages to make us aware of some aspects of our lives that otherwise we might not have known. I refer to him as the prose poet of New York in that even though his subjects are not the usual, he writes of them in beautiful language which in itself is an anachronism. He can describe a really terrible scene so that it comes across as a thing of beauty.

Let’s look at “Kisser”, his newest book. Richard, our main character, does not think he is gay “like those other queer boys”. But then one day, his friend Ralphie kisses him in the park, takes him home and Richard discovers something new. He has fallen in love with kissing but he wants more than that (as long as it also includes kissing). What he doesn’t know is that as he accepts his sexuality, he has yet to meet all the different kinds of men that may pursue him. Richard lets his sexuality take him to places he had never been before and he soon finds himself in the very gay Greenwich Village where he met Mt. James, the possible man who can take him where he wants to go.

This is a very sexy and homoerotic read but there is nothing gratuitous here. In developing Richard’s character, we go into his mind and become part of him as he travels on his sexual odysseys. He goes places where many of us have been but he does so in a shorter period of time. He explains that when he received that first kiss, it was like losing his virginity but he says “in fact it wasn’t a loss but a sublime discovery”. That kiss gave him the reason he lived and the reason to continue living. Believe me, this is one story you do not want to miss and as usual, Dementiuk comes through with another wonderful reading experience.

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Strike A Pose

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Many Jewish men are into wearing lipstick, I heard...

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A restroom sign that says RESTROOM, with symbols surrounding that. The symbols are labeled:

  • trans folk
  • feminists
  • activists
  • butches
  • intersex
  • leather folk
  • women [with the ‘pants’ symbol usually used for men]
  • men
  • women
  • men [with the ‘skirt’ symbol usually used for women]
  • twinks
  • bears
  • drag queens
  • drag kings
  • femmes
  • closet cases
  • allies

(this is at the gay bookstore, giovanni’s room, in philly)

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Sunday, March 25, 2012

Good To Be The King


Remember, the answer is ALWAYS , "Yes, Sir"

"Bring me your paddle!"
"Now bend over, pull your dress up, your panties down, and grab your ankles"
"Don't you feel a little silly?"
"A little embarrassed at being totally bare assed?"
"A little ashamed that you need this so badly ?"
"After all, aren't you are a grown woman?"
"... scared?
"Good, it amuses me that you feel so exposed, I really enjoy your discomfort, I like making you blush"
"Almost, almost, as much as I like making you cry."
"My little girl feels so good when she's been my very bad little girl, doesn't she?"

Text by yours truly, Snidely Whiplash

Deep Sea Diving

She must hold her breath pretty good

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Get your bananas!

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Splish Splash...

...she was taking a bath

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Friday, March 23, 2012

Jim Steranko

En Garde!


She loves him. It's so simple.

She's not a little girl, she's a woman.

She's capable, strong and sturdy.

Strong in mind. Strong in body.

But she feels so little in his presence.

He knows what a priceless gift her vulnerability is to him.

She can't let herself just be without him.

He can make her angry, make her laugh, make her blush.

He's all man, a primal animal.

Don't let his soft nurturing side fool you.

He will cook an elaborate meal for her just as quickly as he will take

a handful of olive oil to lube her as she bends over for him.

He will spoil her with coffee in bed just as quickly as he

will spoonfeed his cum to her.

He will support her in everything just as quickly as he will

push her to her knees to worship his cock.

He will make her an honest women by offering her a wedding

ring just as quickly as he will custom make a ring for his cunt to

grab when he pleases. The cold steel on her lips means

more to them than any wedding band every could.

An honest women, his willing fucktoy, a true partner.

Thursday, March 22, 2012

Party Time Weimar Berlin!

Photo from: Die Funf Sinne: Gefuhl

Any time in the past and any place. Where would you go?

As much as I’d love to see a dinosaur (from a VERY safe vantage point) I would probably choose Berlin in the mid 1920s. Maybe I’ve seen Cabaret or The Three Penney Opera too many times, but my fascination with Germany between the wars is nearly limitless.

Since I’m a lover, not a fighter, I’d stay out of the street fights over ideologies and spend my time watching the films that gave birth to horror and noir as genres or, if I was lucky, hang around with Kurt, Lotte, Peter, and the art and theater community. Most likely, every night I would end up at some nachtlokal watching bawdy dancers.  Avidly.

Berlin in the 20s must have been incredibly exciting. Apart from the artistic explosion, one of the most important developments in the scientific study of sex took place there too. A man named Magnus Hirschfield founded the Institute for Sexology. He was one of the first scientists to approach the subject with a positive, even enthusiastic outlook toward sexuality and his theories went a long way toward defining a wide range of sexual behavior as normal.

I love the erotic iconography from the period—both the artistic expressions and the cruder ones. A nice example of homemade Weimar smut appears above, and you can find a lot more period pictures on Drake’s Way. The best readily available source for modern readers to learn more about the wild side of Germany in the 20s is probably Voluptuous Panic: The Erotic World of Weimar Berlin, by Mel Gordon, my favorite historian of excess. Gordon’s book deals in detail with the public and private sexuality of the city and he accompanies his history with a stunning number of images from the period, little windows into wonderful depravity.

So, if I had Mr. Wells’ time machine, I know where I would likely go. I wrote a story for the upcoming Circlet anthology Like the Hand of Time about a man who does just that. “Tourist” is a tale about a man who travels back to old Berlin in search of a particular kick and finds something quite different. When the book is out later this year, I’ll offer an excerpt here.

In the meantime, partie wie es ist 1929!

Birth of Venus




Gotta luv this rainbow……. I would luv to see the pot of gold under it…LOL

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US Auto Statistics

Main reason of car accidents in the US .

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