Monday, December 31, 2012

Minnesota Strip review

Got a great review from Amos Lassen on my "Minnesota Strip"

Dementiuk, Mykola. “Minnesota Strip”, Sizzler Editions,  2012.
How It Was
Amos Lassen
I am always amazed at the realism in the writings of Myola Dementiuk. He gives us mental pictures of New York City as it once was (and never to be again). The term Minnesota Strip was used by the New York City Police in the 1970s to describe a part of Eight Avenue between 40th and 50th Streets where many prostitutes and runaways from Minnesota sold themselves.
Connie was a male cross dresser who worked the strip where it was dangerous for women but that much more dangerous for men who dressed as women. He looked very feminine but we can imagine how a man would react when he discovers the babe he had picked up turned out to be a he. Connie had a small frame and could pass easily. He/She had men going after all of the time. She used the pretense of innocence and naiveté to her advantage. She did what she was paid to do and then went on to the next number that awaited her services.
Minnesota Strip was the place for instant gratification from those who worked there and there were all kinds—trannies, lesbians and hookers. The price was cheap and it was “the place”. Dementiuk gives us a description as seen through the eyes of Connie. He captures the seediness of the area and of the people who populated it. Dementiuk has the ability to write prose as if he is reporting on something that is happening right then in front of him and since so much of his writing deals with the Times Square of New York City, we can believe that he really did experience what he writes about.
I always find reading Dementiuk is a treat. He pulls us into the picture and we experience what the characters experience. Not many have the ability or the past to be able to do just that.

Thanks Amos, your reviews are always spectacular!

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