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I always wear flannel boxers

But they never look this good on me

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Boys Night Out

Reviews by Amos Lassen

Got a nice review on my The Men of Grand Street. Thanks Amos, you're the best!

Dementiuk, Mykola. “The Men of Grand Street”, Noble Publishing, 2011.

Loving and Learning

Amos Lassen

So many of us have had crushes on our teachers and vice versa and I must admit that in my own academic life I have had students come on to me. We must learn to draw the line and sublimate how we feel so as not to cause an unnecessary situation. Students need us and we represent knowledge to them. We are also responsible for molding lives so we must be very careful in the way we relate to our young charges. One of the beautiful things that I have discovered as a teacher and educator is that we also learn from our students and this is just what Dementiuk’s story is about. I can’t say much about the plot without writing spoilers so just let me say that this is a terrific read and should not be missed. I have always admired how Dementiuk develops characters and he does so yet again in “The Men of Grand Street”.

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Saturday Night At The Movies

Those were the days, baby!

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Plush and Snuggly

She's just so beautifully padded, the ultimate in comfort and luxury, full lips, her throat is a soft luscious handful, even her expression is soft, womanly, inviting

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Impact Play: Beyond Floggers And Canes - at The Looking Glass

Just wanted to toot my (ahem) 'horn' about my upcoming Looking Glass class:

Impact Play: Beyond Floggers And Canes!
Sunday, Jan 8: 2:00 pm - 4:00 pm
Cost: $20.00 per person, $35.00 per couple; $25.00 per person, $40.00 per couple at the door.

Join this workshop to receive (ahem) 'hands-on' instruction in a wide and sometimes-strange variety of different impact toys. We'll explore techniques using hands, hairbrushes, paddles, crops, wooden spoons, batons, quirts, and more! While often the physics of these toys are sometimes closely related, to use each one effectively takes particular skill and techniques that are not immediately apparent. Participants will learn not only how to inflict the most pleasure as well as pain but also how to use each item without hurting the wield-er as well as the wield-ee.



These clips would work fine

When I have you bound and split, I'll put clips on your pussy lips with the chain behind your hips to pull you open
and just sit in my chair at the foot of the bed and admire you
Watch droplets of dew collect until they run down the crack of your ass
Stroke my cock occasionally to keep it ready and show you what you're waiting for
What beautiful cunt I own, with a tiny pink button protruding, erect from the tension
After a while, wet my fingertip with my tongue and lightly stroke it
Not enough to free you, just enough to remind you, you are truly my captive
You'll come when I decide to allow it and not one second before
I'll stand over you jacking myself until hot semen gushes over you
dripping over your breasts and belly
would you come then?
without being touched?
time will tell
if you can't we'll just have to train you to come on command

Pic from likeabikeseat, nice little site if you like it rough
Text by yours truly, Snidely Whiplash

Good Ole Archie

Always comin' to a girl's rescue

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Just About New Year's

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Take Your Time, Sweetie

Homework Time

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It’s always tricky for a writer to judge her own work, but I think one of the very best things I’ve ever written is an erotic horror novella called Springs. I’ve written a number of stories now about computer games and video games, including Playing God and “Gloriana”, in The Big Book of Bizarro. Virtual worlds fascinate me and the sexual roles people assume in them – even when there’s no sex involved – are a source of constant wonder.

Springs is a little different, it is set in the world of people who make video games – an industry that has surpassed the movie business in the number of people it employs, as well as its annual balance sheet. Some games are made by enormous studios that employ hundreds of people, but many are still created by small studios of under 40 people, who then distribute the product through one of the big companies.

Springs is about Cherie, a smart, hedonistic girl who is a sound designer and musician for a small gaming studio working on a sequel to a hit “survival horror” game, featuring a sexy heroine and some ghastly “boss” monsters. Cherie has some reality issues and she finds that the game is creeping a little too much into her day-to-day existence. 

Stuck for inspiration in the musical score she is trying to write, Cherie pursues sex and drugs for inspiration, but ultimately finds it in an antique music box that draws her into a world of excess and madness.

Springs has just appeared in a new edition from Renaissance E-books and I hope it will find some new readers!

Cherie writes music for videogames and when the lead composer on the hot sequel to her company's hit videogame dies in a freak accident, Cherie bets her own sweet ass to her boss that she can write him a masterpiece. With her job on the line, a mysterious gift of a music box arrives, opening up a world of dark inspiration, erotic excess, and forbidden pleasure. Set in the unlikely world of video game design, "Springs" is a sharp-edged story of black magic and sexual obsession. 
EPPIE winning author's classic short novel of a strange box that sings one woman into a world of erotic nightmares that transcend time and flesh.. 
"Springs is a horror novelette that you can read in one sitting. It’s short enough that if you don’t own an e-book reader, you can still read it on the computer with no  discomfort. But an e-book reader might be ideal because you may not want to read this one in public. I enjoyed Springs a lot. It didn’t scare me but it was chilling at certain points. It’s told in the third person, from Cherie’s point of view. We get inside her head even when it turns disturbing. This is an erotic horror story, containing passages of a sexual nature crafted to arouse. Springs was written by a woman but it feels very much like men’s erotica. However, Angela Caperton does not neglect the horror for the sex. She spends time setting up the story, showing Cherie’s struggle to find the music and exploring her character before the music box arrives and soon after the first sex scene. Two thirds of the way in the story, Cherie begins to have flashback which are easy for the reader to catch because they’re in italics. With the flashbacks, the story takes a darker turn. Cherie’s motivations for having sex with multiple partners, becomes understandable, and disturbing. The revelation at the end — not an O. Henry ending or a shocker but a natural out growth building on the information in the flashbacks — was delightfully chilling."  -Horror eBooks Review


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Spidey's Got A Big One

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Big Mama Daddy

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Be Practical This Christmas

Give him something he can use over and over and over...

There's Still Hope

Petty Officer 2nd Class Marissa Gaeta, left, kisses her girlfriend of two years, Petty Officer 3rd Class Citlalic Snell at Joint Expeditionary Base Little Creek in Virginia Beach, Va., Wednesday, Dec. 22, 2011 after Gaeta's ship returned from 80 days at sea. It ís a time-honored tradition at Navy homecomings - one lucky sailor is chosen to be first off the ship for the long-awaited kiss with a loved one. On Wednesday, for the first time, the happily reunited couple was gay. (AP Photo/The Virginian-Pilot, Brian J. Clark) MAGS OUT

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Jingle Bells

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Just Measuring, Sir

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Well, Well...

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