Friday, September 30, 2011

Shut the Hell Up

and please come again.

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Outta Sight

On his mind.

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But American girl she cheap, yes?

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Splash of Brilliance 4 Snidely

ode to Nice Cavity

If cleanliness is next to godliness, her godliness should quench the thirstiness.

Still, the self-proclaimed godly will prefer lights out, covers covering, pole in hole and tongues trading bacteria... yawn... goodnight.

pic from Ambidextrously-Erotic

Teenage Girls

It is natural for teenage girls to engage in harmless flirtation with boys.

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Big Tits

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Arrested...And For What?

Wake up America! The protesters on Wall Street fight for us. The Media and apparently now the NYPD fight for Wall Street…

They've busted heads, arrested hundreds, but how does the media respond? Take a good look at they broadcast the lies...

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Don't Leave Home Without It!

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Nice cavity

Look how the gap between her thighs looks like an ice cream cone and her pussy would be the part you lick.
I wonder who came up with all the rules about who sticks what, where.
Dicks go in pussies, but dicks aren't supposed to go in mouths or anuses because they are meant for something else.
If that is the case wouldn't it be even more perverted to put a mouth on a mouth.
And mouths are much dirtier than dicks too. Dicks are pretty much all skin not gushy and full of germs like a mouth.
 I think mouths are dirtier than pussies too. Rubbing the lips of two pussies together is probably cleaner than rubbing the lips of two mouths together.
People who think they know something that gives them the right to tell us normal people not to assfuck or pussy lick really would be much happier if they shut the fuck up and sucked a cock once in a while.

Pic from girlsx3.tumblr Text by yours truly, Snidely Whiplash

Thursday, September 29, 2011


Futurama - Don't date robots from John Pope on Vimeo.


Brothel Menu From 1900

Oh Boy, A Good Night's Sleep!

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I just really like this

At first glance I though her foot in the strappy sandal was a holstered revolver, like a cowboys sixgun.
He's carving a notch in her though,
I've nicknamed one of my sons friends Jesse James, he is bad
I taught him the right way to sharpen a machete, so the edge is super sharp but ragged
You should have seen his eyes light up when I told him about other badass knife men like the Mau Mau and Brasilian sugar cane workers

Pic from backseamextreme a wicked little site
Text by yours truly,
Snidely Whiplash

Self Portraits

Pic from the Hungarian website It was listed under cicusok, meaning woman or cat the only word I know

Take Your Man, Girls

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Growing Up

When I grow up I want to be a little boy, David G Baker

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Love is Love... matter how you add it up

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Wednesday, September 28, 2011

There is crazy

and then there is crazy assed Russian crazy !?!?!?  WTF is short for Russian
This is not the strangest picture in this set


Now is that the Fuhrer or something that British Intelligence came up with?

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Library Handjob

Closest I ever came was to a handjob in the library stacks with another young kid jerking off and staring right at us. All three of us were embarrassed and disappeared in three different directions. Ah, those library days...

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Geography Lesson

A few details I would notice that others wouldn't
That is a taken woman, the monkey is grasping her ring and she's available for her man, no panties or at least nothing in the way to prevent her being used
The monkey is South American, see the little curl at the end of his tail: only new world monkeys grasp with their tales like that.
The woman is American. When I was in Brasil I found Teva sandals a pratically foolproof method for identifying Americans.

Pic from there is crazy and then there is fucking crazy ass Russian crazy
Text by yours truly,

Cleaning Up!

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You're Beautiful!

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A Perfect Housewife

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Tuesday, September 27, 2011

And then what happened, Uncle Charlie

I gave up drugs and alcohol many years ago with the help of an AA sponsor, Charlie. Like many, many deeply spiritual men Charlie was loud, crude, and perverse. He delighted in telling rooms full of little gray haired ladies long involved stories about bisexual biker orgies and the many exotic locales his "throbbing blue veiner" had visited.
Colfax avenue is "the ave" in Denver, where the action is. He frequented a little hole in the wall called Kitty's and with a handful of quarters had seen the entirety of a sophisticated little art film called "Barnyard Buddies"
Charlie was giving a very positive review of the buxom farm wench with pigtails and a blue calico apron. His mind drifted and he began to envision a possible sequel.
On her wedding night her husband says, "We are married now, no more secrets, you can tell me anything"
She laboriously lists a string of increasingly painful encounters with ducks and dogs and sheep.
He's channeling her so completely he seems to have been magically transformed into a hysterical fat broad.
He was actually sobbing when he said, " and then ... and then ...I FUCKED A PIG,"
We were all laughing so hard we had tears streaming down our faces as we went "whee, whee, whee"

Text by Snidely, Muse by a righteously sick bastard I have not seen in too long.
He married a hooker turned cop, they were made for each other
Pic by

Sergeant Pepper is standing at attention

♪♫ All you need is ass    doot dodo dodo ♪♫
♪♫ All you need is ass    doot dodo dodo ♪♫
♪♫ All you need is ass, ass ♪♫
♪♫ Ass is all you need, ass is all you need [repeat and fade to bliss]

I'm feeling very fond of Russians today

They are making me blush

Great collection of pictures of not so virginal brides

On the good ship Frequently Felt

Now we knows what gives Mister Christian that sexy wobble when he walks
Pic from I don't read Russian but is is a good site

Sex On The Brain

Statue of Ooh La La!

via 1901

Lip imprimt

This is one of many stunning photos in a photoset by Vadim Nardin
Unlike much of what I've posted recently his photos aren't very graphic or disturbing

Fuck Racism!

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The Best Of Both Worlds ~ Cock & Lipstick

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A Hunk of a...


Monday, September 26, 2011

How pure and Innocent

Flannel nighties are so soft
She likes to glide her hands over her body, pressing hard because the silky fabric smooths the way
Soothes the way
She can grab a handful and slide it up and down her inner thigh
And press in hard against her cunt, protecting it and giving her something to press firmly against
She can use it to soak up some salty nectar and put it to her mouth taste it
Clean and musky with just a hint of urine
Look at her hand, that ring is much too large
When she dreams she'll dream about the big man with the big hands that fit that ring

Pic from silkcherries Words by yours truly, that is to say, Snidely Whiplash

A Whopper!

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These are a few of my favorite things

This picture is huge,(2410x2428) do yourself a favor and click on it and click again to enlarge, take some time and explore. Pic from silkcherries awesome site if you admire the female form

Hot flexible girl on girl on a tropical beach, just looking at them makes my cock throb and turns my mind to slack jawed drooling mush

I'd like to lie on my back looking up at the ass and cunt of the girl in the yoga pose and say the most filthy things I could imagine. Talk dirty to her until her pussy is raining sweet sticky juice onto my face and into my mouth. Make her cum with just my words.

Text by yours truly, that is to say Snidely Whiplash

Pietro Aretino: The Originator of Euro-porn

If anyone can be labeled the originator of Euro-porn, it is a 16th century journalist from Venice named Pietro Aretino. In 1527, he combined a series of very raw and explicit sonnets with 16 very explicit engravings of couples locked in various modes of acrobatic sex.

I Modi, or The Positions, represented one of the first European books to combine both erotic text and imagery. Besides the writer Aretino, the two other contributors were major players in the Renaissance art world — Guilio Romano and Marcantonio Raimondi.

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A Toast by Sigmund Whiplash

She's about to go bottoms up and have a stiff drink as well
Alcohol is a social lubricant, she'll need it, she has a lot to take in
They say there are two kinds of women, those who love anal and those who need to be taught too.

What do women want?
The question baffled my esteemed forbear
It is so simple really, women need to take it like a woman
Love, honor and obey
Give themselves over to a man, completely
And what do they expect in return
a hero who would die defending them and their children
 a man who will do what's right no matter how hard
a lover who worships their beauty
someone who can teach her sons to be men
and her daughters that men can be trustworthy (but that some are also horndogs that need watching)
What a simple truth this is

Pic by danishprinciple  Words by SW  Muse by Anne Clark (Thanks for your little talk)


Marilyn Monroe Reading James Joyce

We'd run this before but it's always a great shot

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Too much Tequila

It's Monday...had too much to drink?

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Sunday, September 25, 2011

War Brides part two

Artist Trevor Brown Has Some Very Disturbing Images of Asian Women

I think he may have seen some of the same pictures of conquered women that I referred to in the first War Brides post War-brides-by-snidelius-whiplashius


This looks like the spot where the Zodiac killer killed a young couple, they were lost.

I was in the Bay area when the Zodiac roamed our nightmares

I was in the Bronx with Son of Sam and had a beautiful blonde wife who loved to park

I was in Colorado with Bundy and was within yards of the body of one of his victims on a hiking trail.

Strange but true- A woman I knew, who was very bull dykey, engineer boots, flannel shirt, wallet on a chain bull dykey was trying to pick me up. It was so odd and creepy I just shined her on. A few days later I heard she'd taken a guy home, tied him up and stabbed him to death. I've tried to find out what happened to her but the Denver newspaper online archives don't go back far enough. It was '82 in Cap hill and her name was Dana that's all I have to go on.

I was an abused kid, and they say that is the wellspring  of sexual sadist killers
I have had kind of a hard life but it could have been much harder
People use all kind of things to kill the pain of living with self hate
Drugs, sex, ocd, becoming abusers themselves
How much pain do you have to be in when the only thing that makes you feel better is destroying another human life.

Pic from libraryvixen  Text by Snidely Whiplash
I know this isn't really Frequently Felt material: indulge me this once and I'll get back to being a happy horndog.

The Clown

And this is what happens when you blow a clown :)

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