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The Outdoor Co-ed Topless Pulp Fiction Appreciation Society

Perky, she clearly doesn't need my support but I'd be happy to lend a hand.

Plug And Play

Meet Lucy. She’s a plaid, 1971 Volkswagen “condom bus,”...

Meet Lucy. She’s a plaid, 1971 Volkswagen “condom bus,” and the esteemed emissary of Sir Richard’s, a socially responsible condom company. This fall, she’ll be visiting college campuses around the West Coast, spreading the company’s message that “safe sex is a basic human right.” If all goes well, she’ll make condoms more fun in the process.

Since its founding, Sir Richard’s has made it clear that they are not just another condom company. The condoms are vegan, the branding irreverent. And they’ve adopted the Toms buy-one-give-one model to address the condom shortage in the developing world: every time you buy a Sir Richard’s condom, the company sends one to community organizations like Partners in Health in Haiti.

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Fun From The Fallas Festival

Pillow Biter

She loved it deep, on her knees, arms and shoulders pressed to the bed to afford maximum purchase. Deep, every boxer learns that the maximum blow goes through the target not just to it. Deep, all the way to and more, grinding with all her might into his pelvis, digging into the bed and using her whole back and shoulders to meet all his strength with her own. She didn't cry out, but a shockwave forced a gasp each time he struck home. She didn't care about him, she only craved the depth. Just a flesh piston with a muscular body to power it. She didn't care about her either, her mind was black, what focus she had was all in meeting the depth, never enough. When he exploded within her, she exploded herself and the blackness turned to light.   
She looked at him, collapsed and spent, men are so strong but so weak in their way. She could easily have gone again but he wouldn't be any good for hours.
"Oh well," she thought," I guess my brave little pony has earned his rest."

The words are mine, the picture is once more from libraryvixen

Tuesday, August 30, 2011


On average they take us 7500 steps per day, about 100,000 miles in a lifetime. Feet are marvels of engineering. Efficient and durable, feet rarely complain, and they love to be loved. Worship of them sends a heavy dose of the erotic directly to the brain and back to the groin. Too bad too many film directors can't make their stars wash their damned feet before sticking them up to the camera.

They should look like these.

Kneeling at the Altar

A blow job requires so much more than mere skill
She takes me into her mouth like a sacrament
Transfixed with adoration, elevated, worshipful
I can never be worthy of her attention
But I am truly blessed

Monday, August 29, 2011

Where's the fun in that?

 I don't like safe words, without putting too fine a point on it, I'm a top not a dom. I like the results not the theater. When the going gets tough, I'm just getting started and that's way to soon to let her chicken out.
Just for instance, start simply, she's bound, spread eagled face down, ass in the air. Start with a little work with a bamboo cane on that delicious bottom , every stroke should be a surprise, I want her tense. Proper caning tunes the skin, I know I've got it right when a simple caress makes her quiver. Alternate tender kisses and more caning, stroke her hair and tell her how beautiful she is. Toys are nice at this stage,  I work up her inner thighs, test her cunt, finger her, it feels hungry, drawing me in, slick, welcoming.
Break the spell with a sharp slap with my open hand to her inner thigh,then walk away
Do it all again and again.
If she had a safe word now she'd use it , she's begging for release
Tease her more, push her past frustration into snarling anger and finally despair.
Now I can grant relief and when it's over,
I wipe away her tears of gratitude and ask her who owns her soul now.

Hailing Frequencies!

Michele Nichols in fetish footwear (source)



Available now: Sam, the Man

Sam, the Man
by Jude Mason
Publisher Total E-Bound
ISBN: 978-0-85715-639-6
Genre: m/m, contemporary, mild BDSM

When Gregg Jackson’s wife passes away after a prolonged illness, can the care giving, flamboyantly gay, Sam Nicholson, convince him that being a bad boy is a good thing?

To buy, go HERE


Sammy checked Jean’s vitals carefully and nodded, comfortable in the knowledge she was no worse, for the time being. He straightened the covers, tucking them in under her armpits and running his hand over the blanket. He sat on the chair at her bedside and laid his fingers over hers, paying attention to avoid moving the IV in the back of her hand.

“How are you tonight, Jean?” he asked softly.

She shifted her body and opened her eyes. Eyes that appeared too bright, too focussed.
“I’m okay. They gave me some drops a little while ago. Everything feels dull. Like I’m not really here.” She licked her lips.

“That’d be morphine, hon.” He reached for the glass on her bedside table and offered the straw to her. “Want some water?” He sniffed at the clear liquid and added, “Yup, water. You’d think they could add a shot of vodka or something.”

Jean smiled, a weak, wispy thing that quickly faded when Sammy helped her take the straw. Her sucking sounded loud. When she finished, the glass was empty. “Vodka might go nice about now, Sammy.” Her smile came back and remained a few moments. When it faded, she asked, “Where’s Greg? Is he all right?”

“He’ll be here soon. You know how long it takes for him to get here from his job.”

“Yes, too long. I’d like to see him move on. He’s such an amazing man. He doesn’t deserve to have to go through this.” A tear made its way down her cheek, ignored.

“No, he doesn’t. But I’m sure he wouldn’t have it any other way.” He leant down and pressed his lips to her forehead. “He’s going to be fine. I’ll do all I can to get him over the worst of what’s going to happen.” Sammy knew Jean had accepted her fate—after she’d got through blaming the doctors, her parents for the genes they‘d given her and the disbelief that this could actually be happening to her. There had to be some catastrophic mistake, didn’t there? She’d moved on to anger at the world, and the cruelty of whatever gods she believed in. Finally came acceptance. She really was going to die, like everyone else. But she would die a little sooner and have a better idea of the timeline.

“You’ll make sure he doesn’t dwell too long on what’s happened to me, won’t you, Sammy?”

“I’ll do my best, Jean.” Sammy rose and took the glass she’d emptied into the bathroom, where he refilled it. When he returned, he sat down and offered it to her again.

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What a fabulous slut

I didn't credit the post pic below, so I'm posting another from libraryvixen , a fabulous slut in her own right.
She's got it all, the casual spread, cleavage, smoking and a look that says " sure, do me, but deliver or I'll find someone who will"
This picture is small and better if you click on it

Nasty, Brutish and Short

I've recently exchanged some missives with an old friend (and future muse?) on the subject of BDSM.
Maybe I'm just lucky but based on my own experience, at least as far as straight(ish)women are concerned it's the norm not the exotic. Every woman I've known, loved being handled roughly, bent over, held down and simply fucked hard. Both as a quickie or as a crescendo to a long session.
Sex is primal and there is something inside women that really responds to a man turning off his intellect, freeing the beast within and using them as they were meant to be used.
Sex is life's banquet, we need to enjoy it all, too many desserts give you cavities and always eating healthy makes you bored.  When it's time to just gnaw the meat off the bloody bone, you'll know.

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Chocolate Vagina Lollipops

via French Twist

Dedicated to the One (or more) I Love

This post is for Dirtymoviedevotee he is an IMDB user who has reviewed over 500 porn flicks. His resume is as impressive as his wrist strength. Our tastes vary quite a bit.
I like and require graphic depictions but really faces and sounds turn me on more than squishy close ups.
Adolescenza Perversa is probably my all time fave. The people are stunning, the sex is hot, varied, and in handy ten minute scenes; it's in Italian so I'm spared the stilted porn speak and it's jazz score is well above the usual bump background.
On faces, when you see a woman in the state pictured above you get to to do pretty much anything you want to her.

Needs Context

Just stumbled across this photo and I would kill to learn "the untold story"
The expressions are a proud mom sending her daughter off to a prom
The haircuts, tanlines and photo paper all say seventies
This could be one of those healthy sun worshipper type scenarios except for the Playboy paraphernalia  


morning wood pic from beautifulmenstumbleupon

RESERECTION: A morning wood of Biblical proportions... from The Urban Dictionary

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I Don't Need Anything Else

via Old Erotic Art

You can't go home again

 It's changed, so to ever return would only taint it's glorious memory. The Clown's Den was a strip club, no ordinary strip club though, it was the bastard child of old time burlesque and Kit-Kat club decadence. The club itself was in Wyoming but the parking lot was in Colorado to make fleeing the authorities easier for the patrons.
 What the picture above brought to mind was a comic who regularly performed. She was an older, overweight  lady with enormous boobs, her costume was a industrial strength bra with baby bottle nipples glued on and some flouncy bloomers. The strippers would select a man from the audience, forcibly remove his pants and carry him on stage to sit on her lap, like a living ventriloquists dummy and she was lewd enough to make Howdy Doody blush.
  The owners were a young couple, who were strippers themselves and most of the other performers were local girls.(and a few guys) This lead, I think, to an atmosphere much more enthusiastic and less exploitative than seen in suburban strip clubs populated by jaded pros and disappointed car salesmen. 

l'inquisiteur moderne

 nistagmus wordpress

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Wear It In Good Health!

Art Class

100 Whores

A buyer went to the St Marks Bookshop in New York's East Village and chose my 100 Whores to read, far out! (scroll down)

via Marty After Dark

Hello Kitty

Smoke is Sexy

Says me.

I Would if I Still Did


Tearoom Trade

I've been mulling over the idea of my next book and keep coming back to this one, sex in public places. As a young man I did that quite a few times, usually in rest rooms or darkened public parks. Tearoom Trade is a title of a controversial 1970 Ph.D. dissertation and book "Tearoom trade: a study of homosexual encounters in public places" by Laud Humphreys. Have lots to find there. And most of all I want to thank Elisa Rolle's Journal, which sparked the idea in the first place. Perfect, I'll be going into my past. Thanks Elisa ;)

via Amazon
via Elisa Rolle's Journal

A Triple

via Prefeksjonist

Wheel of Fortune

Is this Vanna White?

via Enfes Kitirli

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A Review of Reviews

This picture has nothing to do with the article... or maybe it does.

In a Race to Out-Rave, 5-Star Web Reviews Go for $5

from The New York Times...

In tens of millions of reviews on Web sites like, Citysearch, TripAdvisor and Yelp, new books are better than Tolstoy, restaurants are undiscovered gems and hotels surpass the Ritz.

Or so the reviewers say. As online retailers increasingly depend on reviews as a sales tool, an industry of fibbers and promoters has sprung up to ...(READ THE REST)

My Personal Favorite As Well


Sex Ed

This is one of my favourite illustrations. Not only is the colouring gorgeous but it highlights the effectiveness of an Abstinence-only sexual education.

Not a bad poster at that ;)

via Alb


Holding back the ocean

via Lorem Ipsum

Would You Believe?

Pamela Anderson (sans the boobage), Playboy Playmate for February 1990

via Tiki Dragyn Land

Pot Pot

via Rippin Shiddup

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Just Really Cool

I got this from
Doesn't look too functional but it is hot. I like lingerie, leather and latex but when it's time too get down nothing feels better than a soft cotton shift