Monday, March 28, 2011

Baby Doll

Great review from Sally Sapphire's Bibrary Bookslut on my earlier work from the 1990's

Baby Doll by Mykola Dementiuk

What a lovely surprise there is to be found in the pages of Baby Doll! One of his earlier works, it still shares a lot of themes with Mykola’s later, edgier stories, but its focus on a teenage boy gives is a refreshing sense of innocence and vulnerability. That’s not to say it’s all sweetness and happy endings – that’s simply not his style – but it’s a very different approach to the material.

Although the taboo of the cross-generational relationship is once again at the core of the story, it’s not the primary focus. Instead, this is a story of a young man struggling with not just his sexuality, but with his very identity. There are some beautifully haunting passages when he begins examining his own uncertainty as to whether it is women themselves who appeal to him, or their clothing and the femininity it represents. When he discovers the pink bra and panties left upon the park lawn, his sense of self-discovery is almost as intense as his excitement.

As his relationship with his older male lover progresses, he finds himself falling more and more into femininity, even as he continues to question what that means. The sex is important, but more as an opportunity to live the feminine role than as an expression of physical intimacy. Instead, it’s his need for feminine expression, for the clothing, and the mannerisms, and the acknowledgement/validation that consumes him. There’s a heartbreaking passage at one point where he wonders just who and what he is that I’m sure will resonate with anyone who has ever questioned the suitability of their birth gender:

“He wasn’t an adult. Neither was he a girl. Was he a boy, a male? He felt himself to be nothing.”

Mykola’s stories are not romances – they’re slices of life, a brief glimpse into both the delights and depressions of young men living difficult lives in imperfect times. As readers, we know there must be better choices out there, but he does such a magnificent job of drawing us into the character’s heads that it’s all too easy to get lost in their thoughts, and to lose track of those better choices.

Regardless of whether you approve of this young man’s final choice to sell his body to further his femininity, you cannot argue with the overwhelming satisfaction that being “like a real girl” provides him. Yes, there must be better ways to realise that feeling, better futures in which to explore it, but as much as we want to hope for more, it’s hard to fault him for grasping at the first opportunity to come along, no matter how unseemly it may be.

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Just Following Directions

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Nice One

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Caught my little daughter one time, she said, "Just practicing, Dad."

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Saturday, March 26, 2011

Penis sizes worldwide: Yeah, there's a map for that

Bad news for Asia men.

Well, finally. Thank you, a website with customized data maps, for a long overdue look at penis sizes around the world.

But before you get all excited, let me just tell you that Asia does not fare exceedingly well.

According to this interactive map, all of the world's least well-endowed countries are located there, with South Korea bringing up the rear at 3.8 inches.

India and Thailand and Cambodia go head to head (to head), each coming in at a solid 4 inches.

China's little soldiers, ranking 4.3 inches on average, are a good match for the average Japanese Capt. Winkie (also 4.3).

But the real weenies seem to be in the Congo (7.1 inches), with Ecuador not far behind (6.9 inches).

And in case you're still unsure of which country you'd like to visit next, get a load of this:

Another map that attempts to correlate penis size with IQ — two things that, in the case of China and Africa, appear to be inversely correlated. Titillating.

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Who's In Charge?

this pleases me on so many levels

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Nice Frame

I could stand and look at for hours

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Hello Frisco, They're Coming to Your Town!

Call for Participants: The Sex Positive Photo Project Celebrates National Masturbation Month with “I masturbate…”

It might be a couple of months until National Masturbation Month (more commonly known as “May”), but Shilo McCabe is working on an amazing piece as part of the The Sex Positive Photo Project. She’s looking for people to photograph as part of an ambitious goal to produce one image for every day of the month. If you’re in the San Francisco area and would like to participate, see below for details. And pass it on- she doesn’t have a lot of time.

See for more info: Good Vibes

World's Oldest Erotica

“World’s Oldest Erotica” Found by Archaeologists

So we all know porn has been around a really long time. We suspect it may be as old as art. It may be even as old as sex itself. Who is to say what erotic movies might have been playing in the heads of the earliest self-aware versions of ourselves?

Scientists, of course, get closer to answering ultimate questions like this all the time. And in Turkey, recently, archaeologists digging up the world’s oldest known temple ran across what is being called the world’s oldest erotic picture.

According to the Croatian Times, “The image was found carved on a stone at the Gobekli Tepe temple in Turkey that predates Stonehenge by 7,000 years—and shows a headless man with an erect penis romping with mythical creatures.”

Now we have to tell you—we looked, and we cannot say we’re exactly turned on by this so-called erotic image. In fact (photo below) we’re embarrassed to say we had to stare awhile before we identified the headless man with the erect penis. (Looks to be to the lower right though?) It’s sort of a “Where’s Waldo” kind of sexual image.

But this is now and that was then. And “romping with mythical creatures” sounds like … well, even if the art doesn’t turn you on, the fantasies were clearly working pretty well, back in the day.

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Hah, Show-Off!

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