Thursday, June 26, 2008

Before & After

Be sure and watch this clip all the way through to see what these Japanese Taiko drummers have under their clothes.

Tuesday, June 24, 2008


, a term that means something like “chubby cute,” describes women who are plump, small in stature, and cute. With a fine line between motepuyo and chubby, some say the only difference is whether or not a woman has a cute face. [from Pinktentacle]

Sunday, June 22, 2008

Here's a Shocker -

- a stupid politician.

From Dispatches From The Culture Wars:

A California legislator has proposed a 25% tax on pornography, to be used to establish an "Adult Entertainment Venue Impact Fund" to be used to "to ameliorate the secondary effects of adult entertainment and adult entertainment venues." There's just one problem: it's unconstitutional.

The Supreme Court ruling in Arkansas Writer's Project v Ragland, which dealt with an Arkansas law that taxed "general interest" publications but exempted religious, sports and other types of publications, clearly stated that differential taxation based on the content of a publication is a violation of the first amendment:

The Arkansas sales tax scheme that taxes general interest magazines, but exempts newspapers and religious, professional, trade, and sports journals, violates the First Amendment's freedom of the press guarantee.

And this applies even if there was no legislative intent to target a particular type of publication:

Even though there is no evidence of an improper censorial motive, the Arkansas tax burdens rights protected by the First Amendment by discriminating against a small group of magazines, including appellant's, which are the only magazines that pay the tax. Such selective taxation is one of the types of discrimination identified in Minneapolis Star. Indeed, its use here is even more disturbing than in that case because the Arkansas statute requires official scrutiny of publications' content as the basis for imposing a tax. This is incompatible with the First Amendment, whose requirements are not avoided merely because the statute does not burden the expression of particular views expressed by specific magazines, and exempts other members of the media that might publish discussions of the various subjects contained in appellant's magazine.

The case was a 7-2 decision with Rehnquist and Scalia in dissent.

Friday, June 20, 2008

Green Knickers?

From Ecoscraps:

Carbon Neutral Panties? Green Lingerie Hits High Street


The Economist reports bras and panties from the world’s first carbon neutral clothing factory are set to hit Britain’s high streets this month.

Wednesday, June 18, 2008

Even Brazil -

- seems to be saner than the US.

Via Pam's House Blend:
Do we need to set up special clinics to send The Peter, Bam Bam and the rest of the professional "Christian" step for some therapy to deal with their disease?
The president of Brazil has become the first nation leader to launch a conference with the sole purpose of promoting gay equality.

The First National Conference of Gays, Lesbians, Bisexuals, Transvestites and Transsexuals was inaugurated by president Luiz Inacio Lula da Silva, who called for a "time of reparation" in Brazil.

At last week's conference President Lula announced his support for gay rights, and stated he will "do all that is possible so that the criminalisation of homophobia and the civil union may be approved."

He also called homophobia "the most perverse disease impregnated in the human head."

Tuesday, June 17, 2008

Another Reason To Love the French

From The Paris Blog (via the always-wonderful Sage Vivant):

Butt Seriously Folks

This past weekend we celebrated “Le Vélo” (bicycle) throughout France and in Paris of course (since the creation of Velib’, it is extremely popular to ride a bicycle here). This gave an idea to a few protester associations who teamed up with nudist associations and organized a ride through Paris with no clothes on to protest against the invasion of cars, scooters, motorbikes… in Paris. One thing is sure, they managed to get media’s attention; there were more journalists and cameras there than actual demonstrators! More photos here.

Monday, June 16, 2008

Welcome to Weirdsville: Unpopular Tourist Destinations

Due to a variety of reasons there are a number of places best avoided by the casual traveler: poor sanitation, casual crime, routine natural disasters, an unstable political condition, poor television reception, aggressive panhandlers, unattractive squalor, etc., but sometimes there are other, more unique, reasons to avoid certain lands and peoples. Occasionally these other unpopular destinations might have such reasons as hemorrhagic fevers or death squads to stay off a traveler’s agenda, but sometimes their uniqueness is so disturbing, so peculiar that they deserve at least a mention -- so as to show how disturbing these places can be, how dangerous even a slight detour from recommended tourist sites can be sometimes be. True, most of these places are no longer as dangerous as they've been in the past but that doesn't mean the message is any less valid: there always have been, and will be, unpopular tourist destinations.

For instance, if one were sailing the Torres Strait, Mer Island was definitely to be steered clear of. Do not land, do not anchor on that forbidding outcrop of land - especially if you’re of the male gender: it was far better to swim away through the shark-infested waters or risk drowning in the tumultuous sea than set foot on that island.

For you see, the people of Mer Island had a God, a very special God. Like an exaggerated idol lifted straight from the pages of a pulp horror, it towered over their crude village: face carved on a massive turtle shell, ferns painted in blood as a headdress. Human rib bones hung down from the top of its primitive head, and severed arms and legs were strung about its waist.

Ugly, yes … and hungry. But this God wasn't satisfied with the simple human remains that decorate its bulk, or the blood that’s liberally painted onto its decorative ornaments. Every year, for eight days, a special celebration took places to honor this God and it is during these eight days that every man on that island quakes in fear, and it is during these eight days that this miserable little rock in a stormy sea should be desperately avoided. For during these eight days men’s genitals were horribly sacrificed, torn from the bodies of prisoners, foreigners, and those simply unlucky enough to be found desirable to this ravenous effigy. The rites continued until their ritual bowl overflows with blood and severed genitals until their God is happy, or there are no more men left to sacrifice.

Not as comprehensive, or fatal but certainly not pleasurable, it was also best to avoid dalliances with the women of Truk Island, Micronesia. While they certainly are fetching and more than sexually accommodating, they were also in possession of a certain erotic behavior that can be quite distressing -- and very, very painful. During sexual intercourse, you see, the ladies of this idyllic island had a fondness for inflicting extreme, burning pain on their sexual partners, and so to further ‘inspire’ their fevered performance. Some time ago, they used to wield small pieces of red-hot charcoal, but with the advent of trade with the West they switched quite readily to cigarettes to prod their partners. On Truk Island, incidentally, a man with certain burn scars is considered sexually appealing, experienced -- so much so that self-burning has become commonplace as a way to enhance sexual allure.

For similar, though not exactly identical, reasons it is earnestly advised that male travelers avoid the Topinamba tribe’s regions of Brazil -- especially if they find themselves in an amorous situation with one of their females. Obsessed with penis size, they have taken to a severe means of enlarging the male organ that, while effective and pleasurable to the women, is conversely excruciatingly painful to the men. In the bedroom, you see, or what passes for such a space among the tribe, they introduce a small, rather venomous snake, which is then encouraged to bite their mates and partners on their members, thus causing severe swelling and much pain. It is rumored that the men tolerate this for two reasons, one being that it gives so much pleasure to their women -- but also because no man would ever turn down a way of making themselves bigger ... despite the pain.

In conclusion, I feel it necessary to also give a sincere warning to the females who also might travel to sexually dangerous areas -- one region in particular. Among the people of the Micronesian (again) island of Ponape it is customary to give the women enhanced pleasure through the application of a certain kind of stinging ant. While not as obviously painful as the use of a small, poisonous snake, the Ponape people still manage to rate in this article because of the placement of this ant: on the clitoris, which they report to cause some pain, but also some form of pleasurable sensation as well.

There are many wondrous places on this world worth visiting -- lands full of charming people and quaint customs. There are amazing sights, and fantastic experiences awaiting those willing to explore but there are all also dangers and risks that can reach up and bite you on the ... well, suffice to say that it’s always best to be a cautious traveler.

Thursday, June 12, 2008

Welcome to the Future ...

From Computers and Video Games:

"Your breasts should be back to normal soon," says Funcom after accidental boob job

It came out in the UK last week. Our boys (i.e. PC Zone) are currently playing through it, and you'll have the proper, fully fleshed review shortly.

Ages of Conan developer Funcom has apologised for erm, accidentally reducing the breast size of all of the female characters in its MMO.

The apology comes after many Age of Conan users spotted the breast reduction on their female game characters and complained on the official forums, even providing photo evidence of the boob job.

"Funcom can confirm that some of the female models in the game have had the size of their breasts changed," the company said in a statement. "This is due to an unintended change in data that was introduced in an earlier patch, data which controls the so-called morph values associated with character models and the size of their respective body parts.

"We are working on a fix for this and your breasts should be back to normal soon." Right on time as well - we were about to return our copies to the shops in a strop.

A strong performance is expected from the head-chopping MMO, which has already lobbed GTA IV off the top spot in several European countries.

Wednesday, June 11, 2008

Welcome to Weirdsville: Popular Tourist Destinations

(Cross-posted on Meine Kleine Fabrik)

No trip to Siberia would be complete without a visit to those charming local inhabitants, the Maritime Koryaks. Famed throughout the region for their fabulous meals of putrid tea and fresh (still bloody) venison, they are more even more famous for the wonderful hospitality they show strangers visiting their remote villages.

Approaching their remote domain via treacherous and rarely-policed trails, the casual tourist may occasionally pass a weary-appearing local official who will extend a happy, if exhausted, greeting before descending down towards the harsh and inhospitable lands of these charming people.

What the Maritime Koryaks lack in basic human hygiene and palatable dining, they more than make up for with their quaint, and very welcoming customs. Male travelers are especially advised to prepare themselves for the experience by stocking up on a supply of oysters or similarly blood-fortifying foods before attempting the journey.

You see, it is the attitude of the Maritime Koryak males that nothing is more honorable than to have their wives become...intimate with a stranger to their remote domains. So desirable is this custom, in fact, that it is not uncommon for the husbands of these charming peoples to follow any stranger to their village, pleading with them to partake of their wives. Before you think this an arrangement that only benefits their husbands, rest assured that for each spouse that begs for a strangers ministrations, he is echoed by the eager postures and demanding advances of their wives. Theirs, it is true, is a society that knows how to show a tourist a good time. If you should happen this way again, say in a year or so, be sure to stop by again–for if your partaking of this local custom has produced a happy baby boy then you will be rewarded with a feast and numerous fabulous gifts. And if you happened to produce a girl...well, you can always try again!

Alas, the intervention of outside culture has all but eliminated this practice, save for the most remote tribes. But for those truly interested in fully exploring the depths of a rare, and fascinating, culture, there are definitely rewards to be found in such a pursuit.

For those interested in a similar vacation, it is recommended that one travel to Babylon of prehistory. There, it is reported, female virgins are considered to be the worst of possible sexual, and marital, partners. To prove that a potential lover or mate has rid herself of this burden of purity, it is the common custom for ladies to become...intimate with as many strangers as possible. Since such liaisons would, of course, be difficult to prove, a custom has arisen where travelers throughout the region will give rings or other trinkets to the local maidens who earnestly demand their male attention–and thus prove by their gifts their experience and desirability.

A modification of this practice was also common among the peoples of Tibet, where the ability of strangers was so limited that it became the practice of older women in the village to go out and help acquire partners for their sisters and daughters. Near such a village is was routine to see such women eagerly singing the sexual praises of their clientele or even forcibly dragging the periodically unwilling, or baffled, foreigner towards these very willing young women.

If you thinks this custom to be rare, keep in mind the tales told of many a traveler who managed to bed as many as twenty young maidens per village. It is a wonder, therefore, that the casual traveler even possessed the stamina to complete any form of journey.

For the female traveler, these destinations may certainly appear to be unappealing–but for an adventurous woman there can be had equally interesting adventures in other lands. For example, among the Nair of Kerela in Southern India, there occurs a practice that allows a woman to have as many lovers as she sees fit–while never once appearing unfaithful.

Becoming officially married in a close kin to a normal Hindu ceremony, the young lady in question then consummates the ritual by having her new husband leave after three days. Henceforth she is allowed to take as many men as she desires as temporary mates and husbands from dusk till dawn (for daylight she must spend alone). These relations are not binding, and can be broken by any casual participant as he or she sees fit.

The world, it has often been said, is a wondrous place, full of mysteries and delights. It is therefore with earnest enthusiasm that I encourage the man or woman who wishes to sample such to take to the open road–and have ones eyes, and frequently legs, opened to new experiences.

Tuesday, June 10, 2008

For Balance -

- here's a bit (from Technooccult) about the annual phallus festival in Greece:

“Each year on the first Monday of Lent, the people of the tiny Greek town of Tyrnavos go crazy about penises, singing lewd songs and urging passersby to kiss their model phallusses. The pagan fertility festival is one of the most famous parties in Greece.

If you want to eat phallus-shaped bread, drink through phallus-shaped straws from phallus-shaped cups, kiss ceramic phalluses, sit on a phallus-shaped throne and sing dirty Greek songs about the phallus, then you should visit the little Greek town of Tyrnavos each year on “Clean Monday.”

The one-day pagan fertility festival in this town of 15,000 people near the central Greek city of Larissa marks the beginning of Lent, the fasting period before Easter, and is one of the most famous carnivals in Greece. Come prepared. Passersby tend to be grabbed and rocked over a pot of boiling “bourani” spinach soup while a ceramic penis is placed between their legs. They must kiss the phallus, then drink tsipouro — a strong local spirit — from its tip, and then stir the soup before they’re let go.”

Monday, June 9, 2008

Talk About Pedaling Your Pussy

From Coolbuzz:
Freaky Vulva Bike Taxi is a walking, talking Vagina Monologue


Determined to show up all the phallic symbols so pervertedly taking over the world, Finnish artist Mimosa Pale has decided to educate the world about the ills of downgrading the feminine powers. So three times every week she invites inhabitants of her hometown Helsinki to ride around town in her “bike taxi” which BTW happens to be a giant disembodied vagina, hairs and all! Now the protest may be novel, and it might be a real lesson to all the manwhores about respecting the very place they themselves came from but to be very honest, the whole concept of ferrying people around and using a replica of the female genitilia as a “taxi” e.g., a temporary means of transportation is just down degrading! I guess the lady just got it horribly wrong and I personally am finding her artistic protest really, really offensive. And no, I do not think the situation could be salvaged by adding huge granny underpants to the freak show!

Wednesday, June 4, 2008

Once again -

- the US proves it isn't number one ... in even jerking off!

From Gizmodo (via my pal Mykola Dementiuk):

Japan Dominates Masturbate-a-Thon: Gadgets Help Break 8 Hour 30 Minute Record

Think you have what it takes to become a masturbating champion? Can you endure longer than 8 hours and 40 minutes? Because that is what it will take to beat the new record set by both Norihiro Taneichi and Masanobu Sato of Tokyo at this year's Masturbate-a-Thon in San Francisco. The two finalists went "head-to-head" in a competition that finally ended when an exhausted Taneichi gave up, allowing Sato to claim the prestigious title. What was their secret? They were both using the Tenga New Adult Concept line of onanism cups. WARNING!: NSFW gallery after the break.
In fact, the two men were representatives from Tenga who spent the $20 entrance fee in order to conduct a "little research" into their new product. So, if you want to go pro with your masturbating hobby, you are going to need to get yourself a Tenga cup and practice, practice, practice. But that is what it takes to be a true champion—blood, sweat, and semen. So get cracking guys! We need to bring this title home to the USA next year!

Sunday, June 1, 2008

Fake Orgasms

Fake Orgasms

By Nik (Simple Love Secrets)

According to many studies, a lot of women fake their orgasm in bed. At the same time, lots of men don’t know anything about that thing. They believe that their women are satisfied and they believe that during many years.

But, there are a lot of reasons why women aren’t satisfied in general or aren’t satisfied at the moment. You should learn how to detect when the women don’t feel orgasm and how you should overcome this moment.

Some women are so smart and play the role of satisfied woman so good that nobody can discover her true color.

So, how do you know?

There are some little secrets that will help you know the reality:

  1. You should observe her breathing. According to sexologists, when the woman has an orgasm her breathing isn’t normal. I mean that her level of excitement will raise her intensity of breathing. So, if she isn’t breathing hard it means that she faked her orgasm.

  2. You should observe her energy. If your sexual partner is active and full off energy after sex you must know that she imitated her orgasm. According to sexologists, an orgasm takes a lot of energy that’s why she can’t be so fresh. It means that she faked it.

  3. You should observe her activity. If she starts doing immediately some things after sex it means that she faked her orgasm. Normally, after sex and an amazing orgasm you don’t have energy and you want to stay in bed for a longer period of time.

Moreover, in case that she accepts the sex as a regular thing in her life she will never show her feelings after sexual intercourse. In this case, sex for her is only like a routine, not something special and intimate.

Note: You must overcome this moment together and discuss with her what should you do for a better sexual intercourse: what should she do and why should you do it. Moreover you can use some sex toys (, as to increase libido. In this case, only reciprocal understanding will help your relationship.

Simple Love Secrets is a blog about love. Here you can find many interesting posts. Different advices and life experience.