Tuesday, March 25, 2008

A Craftsman Who Doesn't Dare Blame His Tool: Pricasso

Compliments of my Pal Wynn Ryder. Thanks!

From Juxtapoz:
We love innovative artists, and the Australian painter known as Pricasso definitely fits our definition of ‘innovative.’ Pricasso is an artist that paints with his… penis. Yep, we said it. Not only does he use his penis as a paintbrush, but his creations are actually good.

Pricasso adds a whole new dimension to the phrase “penile envy.” If you’re the type that’s gotta see it to believe it, check out Pricasso’s website full of video footage here.

Thursday, March 13, 2008

Way to Go, Ellen!


Meet A Pal of Mine -

A graphic, dark, coming-of-age story set in New York's infamous Times Square during the 1950s and 60s. Introduced to sexual feelings at an early age, protagonist Richard Kozlovsky continues on a path shared by many children who have been touched in a sexual way by an adult, a path of frequent masturbation, exhibitionism, and other precocious sexual behavior. Ricky grows up in spite of his hard life in a Catholic school, teasing by his classmates, and trying to survive on the streets of Manhattan with sexual predators at every turn. Frequenting the Times Square movie theaters as a teen, Ricky finds a way to supplement his meager existence and later meets the woman who will introduce him to the world of women, intimacy, and love. In between he questions his sexuality: is he a faggot? is he a whore? where does he fit in?

"Genuine whoreporn. So real, so vivid. Brings all the memories back."
- Susie Bright, Susie Bright's Journal

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Friday, March 7, 2008

Put Your Work on Frequently Felt!

Here’s a special invitation to unpublished – or just beginning – erotica writers looking for a bit of free exposure.

Frequently Felt
is my playful little blog -- “A lobcock of erotic trivialities, oddities, and miscellanea transcribed with jaundiced talent for naught but a boxing Jesuit indulgence by a disreputable posse mobilitatis” – where I’ve been posting this, that, and everything betwixt and between having to do with sex and erotica. What I’d like to do is open Frequently Felt to very short stories, on a first-come-first-posted basis.Here are the specifics:
  • Stories or literary pieces no longer than 500 words.
  • No underage characters, excessive violence, incest, homophobia, or bestiality
  • Please include some form of contact information at the end (email, Web site, etc.) to be published with your piece
  • I reserve the right to refuse to publish anything – it’s my blog, after all
Submit your work to mchristianzobop@gmail.com. I do my best to post things every other day or so but things sometimes happen to disrupt that schedule...

I’m also interested in interviews, reviews, editorial pieces, artwork, blog posts and other fun things. If you want to help out with that, just write me and we’ll chat about it.

Meet A Pal of Mine -

TammyJo Eckhart, a dominant sadist, has been consciously active in the BDSM community since 1993 when she moved to NYC to pursue a master's degree in ancient history at Columbia University. There she became involved in TES (The Eulenspiegal Society) on a semi-regular basis as well as helping found the Columbia University group, Conversio Virium (1994-1997) where she served as Treasurer, Health Service Committee Chair, and finally as Spokesperson. From 1995-1997, she hosted the Applemunch, a monthly dinner for those interested in BDSM living near Manhattan, NYC. For five years (1998-2003) she was the education coordinator for the Indiana University group, Headspace.

Her non-fiction has been published in Laura Antoniou's Some Women (1995) and in the journals SandMUtopian Guardian and Prometheus. Her fiction has appeared in anthologies from Circlet Press (SM Futures (1995), Greenery Press (Dreaming in Color (2003), and Blue Moon (Color of Pain, Shade of Pleasure (2004). Four collections of her own femdom erotica are have been published. Punishment for the Crime (1996) and Amazons (1997) by Masquerade Books, Justice (1999) by Greenery Press, Eroscapes: Erotica from the mind of TammyJo Eckhart (2004) by Wells Street Publisher, Servants of Destiny (2006) and Sweet Memories of Pain & the Future of Pleasure (2007) from Nazca Plains.

In her writing and in real life, she has been told that she shatters the common stereotypes of dominant women. She has also selectively trained would-be submissive or slaves and mentored some new tops and dominants. As of the winter of 2007/8, her "kinky family" is comprised of Tom, her husband since 1992, and Fox, her slave since 1999. Currently she is the featured book reviewer for KinkyBooks.com, one of the leading kink book reviewers on Amazon.com, and her reviews are soon to start appearing in the magazine Power Exchange as well as on various web communities. She has presented workshops and lectures for college groups and regional conventions for several years and enjoys doing book readings/signings. Please feel free to visit her website currently at http://www.thetammyjo.com or http://www.tammyjoeckhart.com.

Wednesday, March 5, 2008

Tuesday, March 4, 2008

Welcome to Weirdsville: A Slice of Life

Delving into the odd and unusual (i.e. the sick and the twisted) certain themes begin to emerge: if it’s intellectual eccentricity done with meticulous dedication then it has to be British; if it’s a surreal public festival done with grinning blindness to surrealism it’s Japanese; if it’s a surreal public festival done with bloody earnestness then it has to be Indian; and if it’s a horrifying Christian cult then it has to be Russian.Maybe it’s the winters, or the vodka, or that there’s nothing to do during the long, cold winters but drink vodka, but no one approaches Christianity like the Russians. Rasputin aside, the Russians have always approached their religion as it requires one part faith to one part blood. Sure, the Indonesians have recently tried to claim the title of most violent dedication to Christ with their flagellations, but for anyone who delves into such things they come off as Johnny-come-latelies. I mean, come on, flagellation is old hat - the last act of the desperate for appeasement or debasement. The Russians though, have pretty much set the standard for outrageous dedication to Christ - and they set it in 1700.

What makes the Skoptski cult so fascinating isn’t just what they did - through it was more than a little extreme - but the rationalization they used for their practices. It’s one thing, after all, to castrate yourself for Christ but quite another to earnestly (zealously) believe that the Son of God was himself missing his member and wants the rest of us to follow in his footsteps is quite another.

While there have never been that many Skoptski they still managed in 1715 to freak the Tsars. Their royal hysteria extended to ordering that the grave of one of the Skoptski leaders to be violated - his body exhumed and burned - because it had come a martyr’s landmark. The cult’s reached it greatest numbers in the second half of the ninetieth century - in Orel and Petersburg, for instance, one in every hundred thousand was a Skoptski. They were their greatest concentrations however in Galicia and Romania, where they were one in twenty thousand was believed to belong to the cult. As quoted by Paul Tabori in his The Natural Science of Stupidity (an essential resource) every cab driver in the town of Jassy was pretty much a Skoptski. Whether or not this improved their demeanors is not recorded, but considering the New York cabbie situation it’s worth considering as a possible solution.

In the Skoptski faith, there were degrees of involvement - degrees of membership so to speak. Using such terms as “blanching” and “mounting the white horse” the Skoptskis sought in their elaborate rituals to destroy the sexual parts of their devotees. So skilled where the Skoptski priests that there were rarely any serious side-effects from the surgery - many of the faithful being able to continue with their day-to-day lives just hours after making their sacrifice. What is even more surprising is that often the procedure didn’t interrupt their Skoptski’s in sexual pleasure or procreation - though the details makes one scratch the head ... or hold the stomach.

If women are feeling safe and superior during this trip to religious mania in Russia ... well, I hate to burst your bubble but the Skoptski’s also had many ‘nuns’ who went through a female version of “blanching” - and like the men their operations also often left them with the ability to still function sexually. In fact, after the cult was persecuted and the members dispersed it was not unheard of for ex-nuns to successfully give birth or even become prostitutes.

Luckily, the Skoptski’s dropped the practice of their religious forbearers, the Valerians. Valerians began a policy of castration outreach, enlisting new members with fanatical zeal - by prowling the streets of ancient Arabia collecting genitals. Over 690 men were thus converted during these Valerian ‘harvests’ until the cult was destroyed and the leader’s imprisoned or beheaded.

Odd and unusual (or just sick and twisted) the Skoptski’s are just one example of the faithful trying to comprehend (or appease) the divine. In their case, they believed that sacrifice was necessary: a sacrifice to attempt to be more like their savior. Many groups have tried to emulate their version of the Lord: the Skoptski’s simply resorted to personal surgery to accomplish their vision.