Thursday, April 17, 2014

Working in an Office?

You have to get your WHACKS!
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Porno For Sale!

Get it while it's juicy hot!
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Shape Up, Girl...

Big and proud!
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Goin' Out, Baby?

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Well, Hello There...

The usual stiffy, happens many times during the day
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Nice Asses, Ladies

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Well, It Must Be A Blockbuster

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In The Bushes

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Don't Be Nervous...

I'm sure our flight will land safely
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Up and Down, Up and Down, Up and Down...

Ride em, girl!
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Now That's A Dress I Like!

If you're German...
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Rock & Roll Will Never Die!

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Rats, Gotta Get To Work...

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Wishful Thinking

The first test run of Ted’s X Ray glasses was a complete success.
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Amazon Forest

Holy Mackerel, that's some jungle!
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Bottle Time

Alley time is guzzle time, you never know who you can meet or what they'll be doing!
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